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  • SuperFeed: is a real-time, customizable feed of stock-related posts on Twitter
  • Real-time News: real-time, filterable feed of stock news with voice alerts
  • Captain Currents: A visualization of stock-related conversation volume on FinTwit overtime, based on your custom watchlists or Captain categories
  • Rumor Mills: Identify, visualize, and analyze where the pockets of rumor clusters are located for any stock and SPAC, if it's heating up or dying down, explore who is talking about it, and how all these dimensions affect the stock's price action
  • Gadgets: Captain Gadgets are real-time displays of trends, alerts and more that will quickly earn a place next to your favorite scanner all day.
  • Periscope Gadget: Instantly visualize the magnitude of top trending stocks and conversations happening in the past 30 minutes. Includes voice alerts and sentiment ratings.
  • Fear & Greed Gadget: Receive real-time updates on what emotions are driving social sentiment on Financial Twitter right now.
  • Alerts: Real-time, customizable, alerts on unusual conversation volume.
  • Private Twitter: Access to @CaptainAlerts - A private, real-time Twitter feed where we post insights such as unusually high conversation volume around a stock across a variety of dimensions across FinTwit that we track.
  • Email Alerts: Email alerts are sent during key timeframes, and will tell you which stocks to pay attention to, while it still matters. Customize the alerts based on your own trader watchlist.
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