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Deutsche Bank AG NA O.N.
Deutsche Bank Aktiengesellschaft, operates as a stock corporation, engages in the provision of corporate and investment banking, and asset management… more
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Analyst A.I. $9.64 $10.39 (+7.8%) +242%
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Analyst A.I. $10.50 $10.39 (-1.0%) +377%
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Analyst A.I. $13.48 $10.39 (-22.9%) +264%
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Analyst A.I. $10.46 $10.39 (-0.7%) +242%
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Analyst A.I. $8.74 $10.39 (+18.9%) +264%
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Rarely do we see this kind of divergence between value ($SPYV = black line) and growth ($SPYG = red line). Check it out this 5 year chart...
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