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Technical Analysis | Buy-side @adaptiv | Alum @UofSC & @Citadel1842 | Tweets are not investment advice

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Homebuilders finally get that push on an absolute basis to confirm the relative strength... $XHB https://t.co/SYPGSuUawv
Let me know if you plan to be in Miami at @exchangeETF next week and would like to meet up to chat stocks or about $ADPV. Or if you just want to grab a beer and talk football, that works, too!
Carbon Credits are back... $KEUA https://t.co/BSuBz9RGyF
$IGV $XSW $PSJ https://t.co/sgNGEzhtVc
India RS just brutal over the last month or so. $INDA
$BRBR Another recent IPO breakout... https://t.co/MzvZTlBWO4
from Doubles... $SMH $SOXX $SOX https://t.co/dAVwAvJ80D
RT @PrattyCharts: $IWM vs $SPX Small Caps had their first overbought reading on a relative basis since... Feb 2021. Is the approach to the…
$HXL https://t.co/GVjAvHL0w0
$TMHC $TOL $MHO $GRBK $DHI $BLDR $TPH $PHM $OC $NVR $LEN https://t.co/3KLjMrPi8Y https://t.co/vcSluH8rQW
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