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BIOTECH man trying to help others also LONGTERM FOCUS holding many positions-also trade around my CORE holdings my opinion only do your own research with me

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$TGTX - if reading this correctly it looks like 4-5 year contract so 40 million year to $TGTX - nice win for $TGTX #BRIUMVI going forward https://t.co/OqaNX3mxQV https://t.co/qoAQLBNQrY
RT @TradeHawk: $TGTX TG Therapeutics has received a $186.7 million Veterans Affairs National Acquisition Center contract. https://t.co/B27q…
RT @TomSilver39: GS:" The GLP-1 craze in pics $LLY $NVO...." https://t.co/H4hFXG4P1J
RT @BIOTECHSCANNER: $DAWN - How confident am I about Day One Biopharmaceuticals getting approval for Day 101 (Tovorafenib) on 4/30/2024? Hi…
CEO $ITCI remains confident on IP here out to 2033 based on the extension they were granted last year
RT @Gantosj: $MDNAF $MDNA.to 4 out of 14 Ph2 ready patients show PR with 2 patients that have 100% tumor shrinkage https://t.co/44Q3B1AzaR
RT @semodough: $ITCI Lumateperone Phase 3 Study 501 topline data for adjunctive major depressive disorder – 1Q24. see ITCI shares trading u…
$LLY importantly, in patients with moderate-to-severe OSA&obesity, who were on&planned to continue PAP therapy, tirzepatide led to a mean AHI reduction from baseline of 30.4 events per hour compared to 6.0 events for placebo.. https://t.co/auQdc3Wgnj
RT @StuckInStock: $XBI Straight 16.79% drawdown in 2024 (today not included). For perspective, 3.5% SPY drawdown in 2024... Time for a boun…
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