@saxena_puru | Puru Saxena
Investor, retired money manager. Previously, founder/portfolio manager of money mgt. firms in Hong Kong. **Investment + hedging strategy in Pinned Tweet**

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SoFi Q4 results - Revenue +60%YoY Adj. revenue +58%YoY Adjusted EBITDA +15.3X YoY New member adds 480,000 Total members 5.2m (+51%YoY) Total products 7.9m (+53%YoY) FY '23 revenue guidance +25-30%YoY GAAP net income profitability in Q4 '23 I'm long $SOFI
$SPX above 40wk ema and has climbed above its Dec high... This cycle has been most unusual, stocks peaked months before end of QE (a first) and now $SPX trending higher whilst Fed is still hiking (another first)! This is a weekly chart, so tomorrow's close will be important... https://t.co/nyZvLcX3wm
Confluent Q4 results - Revenue +41%YoY Cloud revenue +102%YoY RPO +48%YoY $ based net retention just < 130% 991 customers > $100K ARR (+35%YoY) Adj. operating margin (-)21.5% (+19.9 pts YoY) FY '23 revenue guidance ~+30%YoY I'm long $CFLT
$SPX above it 40-wk ema + today, it has also gone above its Dec high. In late '21. stocks peaked whilst QE was still going on (a first) + $SPX is now trending higher with Fed still hiking rates (another first)! I wasn't expecting rally in early '23, price has proven me wrong. https://t.co/d4utJDr5OZ
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