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I provide daily trade ideas with entries and charts. Creator of EMA Cloud Ribbons on TOS/TradingView. All tweets are for entertainment purpose only.

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$BTCUSD 🚨 DONALD TRUMP TO SPEAK AT BITCOIN 2024 CONFERENCE IN NASHVILLE END OF MONTH Will get push closer to the Event! More chances of him becoming POTUS more the pump on $BTC https://t.co/JTv3hbANd4
$META 🚨🚨 Meta removes Trump account restrictions ahead of 2024 election https://t.co/bP4RZ9UW9T
$SPY $QQQ Sell the News Action on market now Market has Mooned so much into lower CPI print, rate cuts already getting priced in! and rate cuts getting redundant Although Music usually Ends when they finally cut the rates IMO! Let see if we hold the long trend at open https://t.co/5BbmW8V3MD https://t.co/7rnswoVYGd
$AMZN Sell orders Stacked at 200+ Courtesy @bookmap_pro https://t.co/8KANDsjCn1
$GME $AMC #memes on the move 🚨
$AMZN vs 200 right now https://t.co/pjz9pLCLGC
$MSTR 🚨🚨 13Million August Bull Flow coming in Hot ,covering the Split Date Courtsey @BullflowIO #FF https://t.co/QGL4RG0T4C https://t.co/f3lpshoE3p
$TSLA Some walls to clear after 1 hr breakout Courtesy @bookmap_pro #FF https://t.co/fkQbl949bm
πŸ’‘ Upgrades & Downgrades Today Courtesy @TENETTRADEGROUP $AVGO $AAPL $AMD $COIN $SPOT $LLY $ON $HOOD $BILL https://t.co/ioqXKvvNws
$VIX Held 13 Market still selling no Reversal Signal yet!
🚨 $TSLA Elon response to Gross Bill Gross is used to making investment decisions by looking in the rear-view mirror, which is fine for bonds, but he does not understand technology, as that requires looking through the front windscreen -- ELON MUSK https://t.co/V1Tat26leB https://t.co/SPNwscgN69
🚨 Bank Earnings & PPI Tmro #lotto #friday While Bank Earnings will move $SPY lower PPI will push the Rotation $IWM Be ready for Lotto Friday https://t.co/PfdrGM2b5Y https://t.co/p5zlFjnffs
Markets All bounces being Sold 🚨 $VIX Testing daily 50 EMA and held 13🚨 Bond Auction Coming up!πŸ«™ No Reason for Market Longs yet
$TSLA For 3 hours, they are burning all Calls and Puts And Pinned it under 252 big sell wall! Where we going from here? https://t.co/qsZyEWasIi https://t.co/1yDrQjkdzQ
$IWM #weekly Getting Tight, When will it rise from ashes Keeping eyes for our Mid Cap Swings! https://t.co/Af9axXm45i
$SPY #update Continues to push since the chart setup shared There is always consolidation->push->sideways->push until trend breaks, that is how market moves! Dnt fight the trend but things are stupid bullish for sure! Ride till Music Ends! See before/after https://t.co/70ecTk6N9r https://t.co/b6BTmSV5c9 https://t.co/YrIoXEhEdP
$TSLA #update That 240 buyer mentioned saving the day for $TSLA Hit that target As some swipes on market last few minutes https://t.co/kjudLP4TVs https://t.co/ovyJm1A2Un https://t.co/5W05hPzyu4
$SPY $QQQ #update All Signals Still Red, VIX Breakout Dip Buyers Learning Lesson, Dnt be one of them! Follow the system! Dnt build bad habits, stay with trend! Puts 500% for us @TENETTRADEGROUP https://t.co/oEsKipYEwx https://t.co/iHTjebuUem https://t.co/vYG0uYjVjG
$TSLA #Update Almost got our 240 Target as buyer there at 240 Credit @bookmap_pro #FF Covering on the way on Short now in community @TENETTRADEGROUP https://t.co/LDE5HofGvo https://t.co/GETl7ddYhN
$TSLA #Update We longed this morning and our 1st target is 250 10 Minute cloud turned bullish so that was our signal 250 Big level to breakout off 1 Hr Still not turned bullish @bookmap_pro Really helped as well with confidence @TENETTRADEGROUP https://t.co/ectsEZdU1X
$TSLA 1 Hour Look #update Swing is still valid For day trade need to push over 263 and range break , been chop so far https://t.co/xHKpVqUw3l
$VKTX #update #swing #lt Finally coming out of base vs 50 Psych Money Flow noted vs 50 earlier @Pharmdca Defined risk there on long term play https://t.co/oenQ5UgyGG https://t.co/i4BXK4quZf
$TSLA #Update Still Riding 5-12 Clouds down 250 pop was another short rejection No need to buy until you see reversal 240 still HUGE buyer, if you do buy that buyer is your risk! When in doubt check Ripster Labels https://t.co/vqa8zdsvB4 https://t.co/5W05hPzyu4
$TGTX Good to see love coming in mid cap bios TGTX our old favorite, 20 psych breakout for next leg @semodough https://t.co/74iLGIaM83
$SPY $QQQ #update 5/12 Trend Broke , Just look at ATR carefully? What do you see big 7 heavy now https://t.co/rYr55vrhqT https://t.co/52baG0Cgej
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