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I provide daily trade ideas with entries and charts. Creator of EMA Cloud Ribbons on TOS/TradingView. All tweets are for entertainment purpose only.

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$TSLA #update Swing or Not Swing? Papa Powell will be nice? https://t.co/D9AZyH83jL
$PLTR BofA Securities analyst Mariana Perez Mora reiterated a Buy rating and $18.00 price target on Palantir Technologies Inc. The analyst commented: "On September 26, 2023, Palantir (PLTR) was awarded a $250mn firm-fixed-price (FFP) contract to continue to conduct research and… https://t.co/yCetzHhYqV
$TSLA 🎯 Overnighter looking good https://t.co/0mkeCtGYl6 https://t.co/CgYlmV8YuN
$TSLA #update More Lows So now you see, if you bought dips against the trend you got bagged Dnt go for B- C setups, stick with B+ A and with the trend setups https://t.co/w8GGQagkry https://t.co/B4DY9vLTF2 https://t.co/r9412PxubS
#markets $VIX strong out of Gate as $SPY heavier than $QQQ Semis trying to hold but $AAPL $TSLA $MSFT lot of weakness $GOOGL $AMZN holding up so far ! https://t.co/qFHN9FfBfN
$TSLA #Update After giving nice trade at open, Faded with market under EMA Clouds When system changes the bias, so should you! Follow the System , Not Gut Feelings https://t.co/YQBJLwd25S
#tradingtips What was Repeatable about $SPY $QQQ This morning?? How we got that squeeze run?? "RANGE BREAKOUT" https://t.co/4kvVzAa91G https://t.co/yiRkh14GTq
$SPY $QQQ 🎯🚨 #update Locked Most profits on short into that gap fill See before and after and 10 AM rejection post and VIX push over 16 Repeatable system https://t.co/4bTYyyDn9P https://t.co/4M8KlmmVzc
$LCID: Lucid Group Makes History in Saudi Arabia as it Opens Country's First-Ever Car Manufacturing Facility
$META With big moves https://t.co/FSJpZGspoK
$MSFT #chartidea 1 Hr Channel here, keeping it handy vs 309 if gives us a setup, off course if market recovers $MSFT can lead with channel reversal 300 pscyh level below https://t.co/w2O308f9nR
$AMZN Importance of Pre Market Levels https://t.co/p6ZGQdg6Ri https://t.co/epc5uUSozL
$SPY $QQQ $VIX #marketrs Markets trying for range break $SPY 428 $QQ 357 key if its pushes $VIX needs to flush under 18 to avoid chop US dollar weak , 10Y still holding up https://t.co/HyMTJt2720
$MU Micron Technology (MU) PT Raised to $80 at JPMorgan Micron Technology (MU) PT Raised to $65 at Baird
$TSLA πŸ’°πŸ’Έ #update Nice follow through from overnight swing and nice trades this morning vs 250 ! Check out EMA clouds trend holding up since that breakout! #repeatable #trendtrading #emaclouds See commentary below, live voice guidance on https://t.co/I8kIVG78N6 https://t.co/WOSWkxUyot
$AMD 100 Test🚨
$SPY $QQQ Market in the gap from that 10 AM Reject #update VIX over 16 https://t.co/BB6l6ehoLj
$QQQ Gap & Go so far as VIX test 16 $TSLA $META $MSFT leading the charge $SPY sideways vs 430 https://t.co/3MeQrtt03G
$TSLA Tesla giving up some earlier gains with Q3 deliveries data expected on Monday; estimates have been coming down in recent days, partly due to consumer interest in the upcoming launch of Cybertruck, which could occur before year end https://t.co/K4mJtGtQEL
$RBLX #update Guess what is going anti market! Relative Strength on RBLX I stopped out at 26 for L and missed re-entry vs 26 again! #riptips: When a support is reclaimed, can always Re-Enter using same risk https://t.co/e9iaI4B5vb https://t.co/XEN98i1Kxb https://t.co/ZnQFfzYRAf
$SPY 430+ Target and some more $QQQ 360 target met $VIX now approaching 17 support See before and after comments below https://t.co/ceALfKPwNc https://t.co/rzh3qUpAVn
$SPY $QQQ #update πŸ’° Looking for 430 target here $QQQ 360 $VIX fading to 17 area has to stay under 17.50 See before/after https://t.co/xSx7ihvobB https://t.co/PEMiYwdqKQ
$META Now the relative strength last 2 days makes sense. They held it up for this news while market was puking. Dnt end up that well though. Vs 300 Pscy been good trades.
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