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Most engaging posts mentioning stocks from @livetradepro over the last 72 hours.
$SPX From the Oct. bottom... https://t.co/44RmoTxB4u
$SPY $SPX $QQQ $DIA $IWM $SMCI $ELF $ABNB $CELH etc. True While most believe that stocks with decent setups are just now coming about, several of our stocks have been setting up for several days and now attempting to break out to higher levels today. https://t.co/3ot4at9B76
$SMCI Pushing back above the 50 day average https://t.co/YCHw4IwXV7
$CVNA We saw this as a buy opportunity this morning (while near good support) and alerted to subscribers at $38.43 All about follow through now. https://t.co/OYsPTkoEvF
$IONQ Higher low Reversal attempt https://t.co/DO6vvMhny7
$PLTR Breaking out above the 50 day moving average on good volume https://t.co/NWD3F57ELt
$SPY $QQQ $DIA 3rd day in a row with buy interest near the close
$GOOGL πŸ‘€ https://t.co/Jm3XFSHJSN
$NET Maybe time to have back on watch https://t.co/RW6aJIfVuE
$ABNB Gap filled, with continuation higher; above the 50 day moving average https://t.co/mQp0x5leCs
$SMCI Another strong open today https://t.co/U8NE0E5tyn
Be cautious on stocks that may be one day wonders Example $CAVA https://t.co/vlf2nln0w0
$UPS $IYT Maybe time for a turn around on transport stocks? https://t.co/RNN7Vs1Uj8
$CAMT New ATH On our stocks to watch list more than once this past week. https://t.co/vgz94Kfrlw
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