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Here's some that I shared with chat members this morning... "Stocks To Watch" that you may also want on your watch list. $PEP $RKT $TSN $WEN $K $KO $GIS $GDRX https://t.co/w5Yt9nXzZm
$QQQ Here's what's really happening while many traders remain bearish, mostly based on short term, intraday market action. Seeing subtle (but bullish) signals today on many individual stocks. Consider a Free 7 Day Trial; to be ready for tomorrow. https://t.co/NxPInY6CJW https://t.co/rQiHk0cmI7
RT @MrsVipPat: $SQ
$SQ Why I don't get caught up in what everyone else likes. Trust price first. Premarket view https://t.co/GlntqGUcqc
$SMCI Go lower.... please πŸ˜ƒπŸ˜‚
$SNOW Confirming strength, just coming up off support. Chart update https://t.co/zS33fzmBS0
$GDX Chart updated Gap filled, with continuation. https://t.co/4sz9kKkTKX
$SPY $QQQ $DIA $IWM Just when many thought it was over (yesterday) I'm seeing potential for multiple breakouts this morning. https://t.co/0xi6FO1sKr
$SMCI Locked in the remainder of my shares at 115.50 while up +29% since my alert... given (Free To New Trial Members) on March 16th at the price of $90.37
$GDX $NUGT $GLD Strong start this morning off the 5 day moving average. https://t.co/rLovY05IPr
$BYND Crazy move. No position https://t.co/pz4es7zKed
$AI Took (some) profit at 25.80 Up 24% since alerted. I'm still holding a large core position at this time.
$SQ Premarket -12% Alerted to sell this position at break even to subscribers yesterday afternoon, but honestly didn't see this coming.
$SPY $QQQ $DIA $IWM Social medial loves drama more than good calls on stocks/markets.
$AI Patience is paying off nicely on this one now. https://t.co/17WrGOBD88
$ONON Another nice percentage gainer from our Stocks To Watch list (to members) on Tuesday Congrats to you that took this trade. https://t.co/tCXDH2PQda
$AAPL $META $GOOGL $QQQ What a difference a day can make https://t.co/gB1AXPZhz2
$INTC Nice push! From out stocks to watch list this morning, posted in chat. https://t.co/eGNxEGlxoQ
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