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Updated! Some VERY good setups out there all of a sudden and maybe less fed uncertainty to stop them?! $GEO $IMAX $RCKT $FLNC $BKR $RKLB $WNC $TMST $BSX $FSLY $PLUG $YOU $SKIL $COLL $NEO $BGRY https://t.co/hmS158dWhI
$GLD #Gold continuation breakout https://t.co/3QQmfCKTS7
$SPX $SPY #SP500 impressive https://t.co/hCjl1icmld
$IWM working on that breakout still https://t.co/8WkFyxyZNX
$INDU $DIA nice coil in the works https://t.co/qEdE5GS4J4
$BITF nice setup https://t.co/RGqzTSrKRM
$INVZ nice breakout https://t.co/tqfHpZHa5K
$NINE big coil breakout on watch at 14area https://t.co/dWirfi3weC
$EEM first trip below the 8 ema in some time https://t.co/EUyk53QMd7
$SPX $SPY https://t.co/42cCDbllrl
$UAVS nice setup for penny players https://t.co/wfOUMVMA8x
$IWM impressive continuation breakout https://t.co/MD4YJcboJ3
Updated! $INVZ $OLPX $IP $ZLAB $UAVS $TJX $CCL $JOBY $FRSH $LICY $WW $BHG $PEV https://t.co/hmS158dWhI
$PTON breaking out https://t.co/81gG44Xkmu
$VAXX nice setup https://t.co/jtB3hjiCiZ
$INVZ nice daily setup https://t.co/iPl3Z9bHoi
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