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Chart and Option trader. Tweeting with friends and sharing charts along the way. My charts and tweets are my thoughts and for ideas only. Trade your plan

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Most engaging posts mentioning stocks from @johnscharts over the last 72 hours.
RT @johnscharts: Today is a good day to stay on the sidelines. $SPX, $COMPQ, $IWM, $INDU, $SPY. You don't need to trade everyday. https://t…
RT @TheChartress: Some surprisingly bullish stats here $SPX https://t.co/d6Kz848d8o
$ON All Time Highs from today's Focus List Chart courtesy of @TrendSpider https://t.co/DEYMYgTwjE
$QQQ testing 200 MA https://t.co/A5JnSaGToU
Congrats Bernadette on $BA 125%! We've reviewed this set in multiple times this week in Zoom https://t.co/WuLQztA4LR
$ALGM premarket up 4.5% on earnings https://t.co/aWnOUVE01k
$ALGM All Time High on earnings move Chart courtesy of @MarketSmith https://t.co/LjvDCYSuyP
$PTON continuation. Noted flow in Friday's chat Chart courtesy of @TrendSpider https://t.co/2g0BXeL9Pw
$CROX reviewed this set up in morning Zoom https://t.co/MMWQGNwi0F
$BIDU flow noted in Mondays chat Feb 3 145 moved 263% https://t.co/Y0VS8lfYq4
$BIDU flow noted in Monday chat Feb 3 145 moved 134% https://t.co/Y0VS8lfYq4
$AMD initial rejection off 200 MA https://t.co/euKyCyZ7bv
$TSLA Since @TheChartress remarks! Nice job Abigail! https://t.co/N67DFqA9gg https://t.co/Vlkq7GxOaV
$ZM flow noted during requests in morning chat Feb 3 80 moved 29% in 9 mins
$EBAY flow noted in morning chat. Feb 3 49.5 moved 33% in 25 mins. NP
$ALGM https://t.co/tYUvr6BQaB https://t.co/PnjhXmjqcx
$TMDX respecting 50 MA Sales 378% Funds increasing Chart courtesy of @MarketSmith https://t.co/8U9F3PfcMn
$VAL respecting 21 MA Earnings 234% Funds increasing #10 Industry Chart courtesy of @MarketSmith https://t.co/PECuhB6HEp
$BIDU flow noted in Monday chat Feb 3 145 moved 231%. @CheddarFlow gave the group clues https://t.co/Y0VS8lfYq4
$IWM Feb 1 193 noted volume building during flow requests in morning chat. It moved 127%
$QQQ internals. We had the clues. Market was short term extended as noted during premarket meeting https://t.co/45eiHSQf72
$SPOT flow noted during requests in morning chat Feb 3 110 moved 50% https://t.co/xZvKmGA6Uc
$AMD earnings after close https://t.co/qMO00X9Oep
$NVDA set up reviewed in premarket meeting with FOMC push https://t.co/DAQrXyZMj2
$NVDA set up reviewed in morning Zoom Chart courtesy of @TrendSpider https://t.co/WpJI6YZQ84
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