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Chart and Option trader. Tweeting with friends and sharing charts along the way. My charts and tweets are my thoughts and for ideas only. Trade your plan

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Most engaging posts mentioning stocks from @johnscharts over the last 72 hours.
Cool! $META https://t.co/2CfPzRPNVK
$AMZN Update on set up noted in Tuesday's premarket meeting https://t.co/9L4HpU8avv https://t.co/2TZgHr702q
$AMD premarket working on push https://t.co/ZDqyAaE6td https://t.co/awtzo7bdyD
$PLTR Premarket trying to follow through https://t.co/hHYbmqauJU https://t.co/uidtzy3mCe
$CEIX Update with 31% move Chart courtesy of @Deepvue https://t.co/dJIxK2bTbQ https://t.co/iWa6V9NB47
$PLTR https://t.co/RaSeds9Fxy https://t.co/uidtzy3mCe
$BHVN Now that is the candle I want on my birthday cake! Flirting with ATH RS 6M 94 and DV Score 6M 91 #DVTrader via @Deepvue https://t.co/dPjhXIzzYj
$TBT 20 Year Treasury Weekly base. Slightly extended, so may see pull back or consolidation before move up #DVTrader via @Deepvue https://t.co/Ta6CQ2wxPw
$SPY and $QQQ both moving on relative volume
$ACMR Update from Trader's Brew post Monthly subscription $10 (Can also subscribe through Substack) https://t.co/dHJPA5W7Nn https://t.co/QQ89WCpudz
$AMD flow noted in Wednesday morning discord meeting Sept 29 98 moved 324%
$DBI AS 1M 97, RS 10 Days 80% and RS 20 Days 65%. Top 20% Industry in last month #DVTrader via @Deepvue https://t.co/lYavlvkOh0
$PLTR fib idea shared Sept 29 15.5 moved 396% https://t.co/uidtzy3mCe
$ARCH RS 20 Days 85% #DVTrader via @Deepvue https://t.co/DgjdBN3sCT
$GRPN from Traders Brew post up 9.4% on volume Monthly Subscription $10 (Also on Substack) https://t.co/dHJPA5W7Nn https://t.co/SYGgKgVWiU
$GRPN https://t.co/mLXVRX12D4 https://t.co/SmIccbuuPL
$PLTR observation Sept 29 15.5 moved 40% after breaching fib level on volume
$ACMR RS 10 Days is 80% https://t.co/LQ6TjZCZdc
$GRPN Going into close https://t.co/Y6Avgl0gca https://t.co/SmIccbuuPL
$PLTR Fibonacci play #DVTrader via @Deepvue https://t.co/4TPMq5PuY3
$CEIX Update with 26% move https://t.co/x9uxwDGan9 https://t.co/iWa6V9NB47
$ACMR Update from Trader's Brew Monthly Subscription $10 https://t.co/dHJPA5W7Nn https://t.co/rXTJEuyV1Y
$MLKN Earnings move on 4516% Run Rate Data courtesy of @Deepvue https://t.co/6gmjx0umYf
$TDW 1600% move from lows Chart courtesy of @Deepvue https://t.co/OUQhjZzKp7
$CVX Chart/Flow/Risk noted in morning discord Sept 29 170 moved 33%
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