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Portfolio Manager. I have a subscription service: http://ivanhoff.com/premium. Author of books on swing trading & momentum investing: https://amzn.to/2R5hyvo

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$BIDU is setting up for a potential breakout near 140. It could be the big China AI play, even though soon half of the Chinese stocks will be AI plays. https://t.co/yjJyvKj5dV
RT @ivanhoff2: Momentum Monday – The Rally Remains Strong https://t.co/x2gNEglQSf @MarketSmith @howardlindzon $QQQ $TSLA $MSFT $AAPL
$AMD is back above its 200dma helping to boost the entire semiconductor sector - $SMH. https://t.co/TCH8RW4FFt
Momentum Monday – The Rally Remains Strong https://t.co/x2gNEglQSf @MarketSmith @howardlindzon $QQQ $TSLA $MSFT $AAPL
There are rumors that Powell ordered a rare stake for lunch to prepare for his press conference. I don't know what that means for $QQQ.
Internet retail stocks are showing relative strength today: $SHOP $AMZN $ETSY $PDD etc. @MarketSmith #IBDpartner https://t.co/YDqR71qalz https://t.co/dpZJi2eCcz
It seems $CVNA had for breakfast this morning what $LCID had on Friday. Short-squeeze potential. https://t.co/KBlGHyZJ57
New all-time highs for $ALGM - a semiconductor that makes chips for the auto market. Makes sense on the back of strong $TSLA and $GM earnings. https://t.co/BuV9DWx7G9
$AXON is setting up for a potential breakout. @MarketSmith #IBDPartner https://t.co/YDqR71qalz https://t.co/2Pg9K8hf8k
Homebuilder stocks were supposed to be dead. $PHM just made new 52wk highs. https://t.co/kN9deNb8BG
$TSLA is setting up for a potential continuation and a test of $200. Obviously, a lot will depend on the FOMC reaction. https://t.co/dB5zJpYvQy
$BIDU broke out on heavy volume. $160 is the next level of potential resistance. https://t.co/DXtvpnG1Zv
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