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#earnings before the open tomorrow https://t.co/lObOE0dOhZ $XOM $UPS $GM $PFE $CAT $MCD $SPOT $MPC $PSX $GLW $ALGM $KEX $UBS $SYY $PHM $PII $MAN $MPLX $MSCI $OSK $HUBB $MCO $AOS $AQUA $IMO $LII $DOV $MMYT $NYCB $MDC $CVLT $IP $PNR $ST $CAC $NVR https://t.co/CDcvRcIPt7
#earnings before the open tomorrow https://t.co/lObOE0dOhZ $LLY $MRK $COP $SHEL $BMY $HON $SONY $EL $HSY $HOG $ARCO $ALFVY $RACE $PENN $CAH $GOOS $ABB $SNA $SIRI $AME $LSPD $APD $DGX $FLWS $ATI $SXC $DB $MMP $FCFS $GWW $SWK $ITW $APTV $WNC $TECH $ABG $HBI $BDX $ARW $TT $WMS https://t.co/GkUjkwytHd
#earnings after the close today https://t.co/lObOE0dOhZ $META $ALGN $MCK $AFL $ELF $HOLX $MET $MUSA $ALL $EGHT $QRVO $CTVA $MXL $AVT $LSTR $KLIC $ENVA $CHRW $CCS $NTGR $DXC $ALGT $LFUS $SITM $MTH $GAIN $VSTO $RRX $PTC $MAA $CLB $MOD $AFG $BHE $SLM $EZPW $CHX $AVNW $UGI $ARAY https://t.co/gxn8j1iWiY
#earnings after the close https://t.co/lObOE0dOhZ $AMD $SNAP $SMCI $EA $AMGN $WDC $NDLZ $MTCH $EW $SYK $CB $JNPR $CP $UNM $BXP $DOX $HA $ASH $RNR $VREX $CACC $HLI $APAM $OI $NATI $MRCY $CENT $KTCC https://t.co/dtbKYITgzx
Did yesterday even happen? $SPX $SPY https://t.co/XerFd2zbnF
#earnings after the close https://t.co/lObOE0dOhZ $NXPI $AGNC $WHR $HP $CFLT $HITI $CSWC $SANM $ELS $CADE $JJSF $ARE $HLIT $GGG $PFG $SYM $TRNS $FSBC $WWD $PCH $FISI $HTLF $FLGC https://t.co/dbl3aYfNHE
Today's #earnings movers https://t.co/1pgojKCDxf $WRK $ODFL $DT $LPG $AMD $PTON $EA $SLAB $VREX $SYK $MRCY $HA $OI $SMG $RNR $CB $CMCO $MO $CACC $ATKR $IED $DOX $JCI $ABC $SR $TMO $MDLZ $JNPR $OTIS $AMGN $MTCH $FTV $BSX $ASH $SNAP $TGI $SMCI $WDC $UNM $EW $NS https://t.co/V0Nyvu4mTv
Despite the rally in the overall market, reactions to earnings have been more mixed https://t.co/oMi4gKpzwl $LRN $WRLD $TSLA $ALLY $BBCP $BOOT $STX $NFLX $MNRO $SIVB $TBBK $MKTX $AX $TRX $CRS $DFS $OCFC $SNV $PLXS $CVLG $CUBI $CTBI $FIBK $CVLG $SHW $HZO $ISRG $ADP $CALX https://t.co/xJVzB4DDNm
Companies are confirming improved trends in January, but that creates a headwind regarding the Fed announcement on Wednesday, with employment appearing to have rebounded in January too. https://t.co/oMi4gKpzwl $SPY $AAPL $META $SWK $POST $SPX https://t.co/NIKl1tde5W
#earnings summary for Tuesday, January 31, 2023 https://t.co/1pgojKCDxf $KTCC $WDC $EA $SNAP $GREE $NATI $UBS $GM $MDC $NVR $VREX $MTCH $CACC $MRCY $KTCC $PHM $PFE $JNPR $ALGM $MAN $OSK https://t.co/c1on7tDUMj
#earnings summary for Monday, January 30, 2023 https://t.co/1pgojKCDxf $PHG $SYM $SBT $AGNC $CFLT $SOFI $BSRR $PFG $SANM $NXPI $HP $JJSF $ITGR $FLGC $SYM $WWD $HLIT $ARE https://t.co/KigptlmWPy
#earnings before the open tomorrow https://t.co/lObOE0dOhZ $PTON $WM $TMUS $MO $EPD $HUM $BSX $TMO $GSK $LPG $ODFL $ABC $SLAB $DT $NVS $IEX $OTIS $EAT $JCI $SMG $NVO $WRK $CMCO $ATKR $FTV $EVR $MHO $TGI $GIB $NS $SR https://t.co/1lZvpwIkRE
Are we back to the melt-up stage for $ODFL ? https://t.co/hFeflRtluj https://t.co/mU5SKVbT8v
When a stock stops going down on negative news... $UFI reports after the close today https://t.co/lWCI0nyYtM https://t.co/QDztI3buwT
You know what short selling and comedy have in timing? ...common. $AGNC https://t.co/3HQojYyAgU https://t.co/QXszsKsBxG
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