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$SNAP $AMD https://t.co/5QDo3cUEN8
Bought $ROKU 80c
To give u a full pic. I started $SPX trading only a couple of yrs ago. Often I could lose $10K a day for the size I trade; sometimes more. I got better now dealing with it. Not focusing on SPX only if I see a very trendy mkt. It's a natural 10x;can be distractive to other trades.
$ROKU https://t.co/YEkA0Uz3D1
Last minute 0DTE $SPX scalping was heart pounding. Doesn't work all the time. But today was one of few days you have to seize. I didn't blink!! 600% gain. Sorry about the bragging. 🤣 https://t.co/cS8aJr7yfv
$TSLA 🚀 https://t.co/a9d29cUO8F
$ROKU waking up. $SNAP earnings AH. don't disappoint pls. https://t.co/brIJ21TQ1c
$META giving out free eggs.
RT @DrewDog12380: @data168 Those were the rumors. Not sure if it was true. Also this is interesting: $CVNA
RT @data168: @teslacalifronia Well, $ROKU is oversold. Many small caps are. The Fed is done with rates. People will wake up and chase s…
RT @data168: @nelsnyc $SPX trading is widow maker. Only works for the cool minds. Can't get too addicted. Lol.
$ROKU Roku and Tubi to Launch Warner Bros. Discovery Free, Ad-Supported Channels, Featuring HBO’s ‘Westworld’ and More https://t.co/DvmafvjY3H
$SNAP https://t.co/hnh2wElJp2
Thank you $AMD https://t.co/BB5XBifTS2
$SPX closed today at 4076. That’s 69 points away from JPM’s January collar. https://t.co/RUf8xDxrox
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