@cfromhertz | Christian Fromhertz
CEO of The Tribeca Trade Group (TTG) Ex BAML Director ETF & D1 Trading. Momentum & Trend Trader. My MO: stay 1 step ahead of trends & momentum for TTG members

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$AMD might be ok to use a rocket emoji 🤣
RT @TheTranscript_: $GM with a double beat. CEO: "We expect that our momentum will help us deliver strong results once again in 2023. In f…
$PATH UiPath, Inc. provides software solutions. The Company designs and develops robotic process automation software to build, manage, run, engage, measure, and govern automations across departments within an organization trying to clear 1hr Value area + calls on tape https://t.co/yU6g7MY8TL
US Dollar $UUP $DXY -0.6%
$SPY w/ the last #FOMC meetings $SPY the day after the last 5 Fed Meetings 12/15 -2.5% 11/3 -1.0% 9/22 -0.8% 7/28 +1.3% 6/16 -3.3% the only thing you have to fear is Powell himself 🤣 https://t.co/0c9gm7bkLz
Trading Account Summary Jan'23 2023 YTD CF Trading Account +7.6% $SPY +6.3% $QQQ +10.6% $IWM +9.8% - have tweeted out results for 37 straight months, pnl video sent to members - '20 results +307%, '21 +74% (3rd place USIC), '22 +5%, '23 participating in US Inv Championship https://t.co/YvW97J1mAa
$ES #ES S&P futures update price rejected at top of Value Area , bearish 80% rule still in effect https://t.co/q0kpkl2kt6 https://t.co/qgw1CXQCfB
$FDX #FDX TTG member brought this chart to my attn earlier price > 200d MA , 1st time since aug https://t.co/LHYxMKIsSf https://t.co/Zjs9LCFxkx
$SPR Spirit AeroSystems Holdings, Inc. nice push higher here https://t.co/R7gfM9UcoW
$COST Costco Jan. Total Comparable Sales Beats Estimates *COSTCO JAN. TOTAL COMP SALES +5.6%, EST. +3.1% *COSTCO JAN. US COMP SALES EX-GAS, FX +6.9%, EST. +5.3%
$AMZN #AMZN approaching that earnings gap.. reports 2/2 https://t.co/FghCYbPXnq
RT @OracleNYSE: $NFLX Netflix Tells Advertisers Sign-Ups to Ad Tier Doubled in January https://t.co/7bU27eEFHx
$CL #CL Crude futures in addition, Crude got rejected at the bottom of the yearly Value Area on weekly chart $82 a big level https://t.co/l7hua6op3R https://t.co/16wX26lHGN
$AI #AI Daily i took profits at Daily VPOC take out (overhead supply) https://t.co/1zHZ9t6E02 https://t.co/gPw9A3HNGq
$ITB Housing Stocks +2% continues to grind higher....one of strongest groups out there... https://t.co/Xcl45lWC6d
$QQQ #QQQ 1hr chart - big test here (short term)... be mindful of the top of 1hr resistance $292.76 https://t.co/OG8ylCVlYa
$BBAI https://t.co/1tMTVKZhYG Holdings, Inc. next overhead VPOC $4.73 https://t.co/Lwly6Asb0Q
$ST Sensata Tech electrical component name hardly anyone talks about ripping higher post earnings https://t.co/Ci1rYVCyN4
$RMBS Rambus pulling back to 20d MA here 👀 https://t.co/1XSgSZwxmO
$XSD Semis ETF VPOC gone / achieved. cc $SMH https://t.co/tBc3DQAmMy https://t.co/6wfM0C6Z6g
$CHWY 🐕 repeat calls on tape trying to bark out of value https://t.co/ruPLSOBsup
Crude -2%. So far, the unwinding of Energy names was a good decision. Crude failed to break into its Value Area last couple weeks and is acting weak. Will continue to watch $82 level. cc $XOP $XLE $OIH https://t.co/WIqztzLRhk https://t.co/sgrYNueTOB
$CPA Copa Holdings SA https://t.co/G6PHpou3iq
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