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$AXP setting up again.. #Watchlist https://t.co/00NloYucZa
$TSLA better view https://t.co/GOK6vUPy6h https://t.co/f1fUDKhBwi
All we did today is $ENPH and kept some with stop raised #FOMC weeks are tricky especially after big move we got last week. Always good to take a step back, sit tight and watch price action for next setup and be ready when it triggers to execute your trade.. #Patience #Game
$NVDA setting up https://t.co/h5a5BAsHyY
$SPX $SPY view on Weekly/daily after last weeks move #FOMC this week, expect consolidation (Note: watch this weeks candle formation) https://t.co/qNaNFSHaWQ
$BA breakout - close is key on daily and weekly for continuation higher https://t.co/NglA3l7AUt https://t.co/uJnnWTuGjW
$TSLA nice consolidation weekly and daily Setting up for $200 above $181 https://t.co/GB8hkOObjK
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