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$SPY been so good to me. Loyal. 😭 It started innocently with $IWM. Some laughs at each others jokes in meetings. A beer too many at weekly Trivia.. Then next thing you know we in the backseat buying puts. Now I’m crawling back to $SPY— she big and boring—but she can COOK.
🚨CELEBRATION: 30K FOLLOWS!! Blessed. Humbled. Feels like just yesterday I hit 32K follows trading terribly. Then I got way better by trading $SPY... AND against ALL odds managed to drop a THOUSAND of you as we banked 😱 Dream big. Fail bigger. 🥂 God willing 25k soon 🙏 https://t.co/LDF4AnBZJU
Officially anti- $SBUX due this awkward pseudo-woke staff directive. Barista grabs Sharpee: ‘what’s THE MOST courageous thing you did this week?’ In front of like eight people: ‘I had wine and pizza last night knowing I was out of Tums.’ Now my Saturday has started with me… https://t.co/5XtfzHSv13
I’m kinda bored w/ $SPY so I’m gonna trade $IWM exclusively this week. Disclosure: I’ve never traded. I know nothing them except that they make the Small Caps which accompany Russell Athletics sportswear—they’ve had a nice resurgence. I’ll throw some levels up before open. https://t.co/Hh43S5Noc8
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