@WolfOfWeedST | Jason Spatafora
OG of #PotStocks, trader of equities, Owner of @MarijuanaStocks , As Seen in my living room, Vice, High Times, Mens Journal & Penthouse fully clothed

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Let’s check the scoreboard: Pop last week of April βœ… Fade to June βœ… Pop mid July βœ… 30-40% discount from peak βœ… The dumbest people in the space & telling me I’m wrong βœ… Me being petty βœ…βœ…βœ… $msos $tcnnf $gtbif $vrnof $ayrwf https://t.co/qX6f6Qz2z2 https://t.co/xAZu48rh37
Low volume ramp on PotStock’s, any profit taking here while $tcnnf is over $10.15 for example can drop it a few points, $10.19 a break and hold. Caution into weekend piggies $msos
I highly doubt it will be that smooth, a safer option is to just let it happen and not try and front-run this yield oriented move on half of yesterday’s volume. These are tweets that get people worked historically $msos https://t.co/NFSG0cnIzv
Doing a quick PotStock’s spaces. It won’t be recorded for the peasants $msos $gtbif $tcnnf $curlf $cgc $ayrwf https://t.co/GwwVvhYUey
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