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OG of #PotStocks, trader of equities, Owner of @MarijuanaStocks , As Seen in my living room, Vice, High Times, Mens Journal & Penthouse fully clothed

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Customary sell the news event today with #SAFERBanking. You guys should know by now, you always trim a 30% move between March-September, but maybe DEA can give some love. PCE macro risk this week good luck $tcnnf $gtbif $cgc $tlry $lglz $msos $curlf https://t.co/tnNhXyEG4T
WE'RE RIGHT AGAIN! But Will A Government Shutdown Cause a Recession & Stock Market Crash? I Don't Care & Neither Should You! Find Out LIVE @ 4:00pm ET On @YouTube! CLICK HERE NOW: https://t.co/e8CpDo8sL9 $spy $cvx $tsla $aapl $amd $aapl $arm $googl https://t.co/aW5tF77a73
I DON’T CARE! And Neither Should YOU About The Government Shutdown & Incoming Economic Data As Long As You Know How To #MakeMoney Trading It! Find Out LIVE Right Now On @YouTube! CLICK HERE NOW: https://t.co/e8CpDo90AH $spy $cvx $tsla $aapl $amd $aapl $arm $googl $tlt https://t.co/woL2HULhR2
STOCK MARKET TODAY How To Make Money Trading A Government Shutdown & Best Stocks To Buy Now LIVE @ 3:30 pm ET On @YouTube! CLICK HERE NOW: https://t.co/e8CpDo8sL9 $spy $femy $tsla $aapl $amd $nflx $afrm $googl #stockmarketcrash #stockmarket #GovernmentShutdown https://t.co/VBCd342DY3
LIVE RIGHT NOW Will The #GovernmentShutdown Cause A #StockMarketCrash & Does It ACTUALLY MATTER? Find Out LIVE Right Now On @YouTube! CLICK HERE NOW: https://t.co/e8CpDo90AH $spy $femy $tsla $aapl $amd $nflx $afrm $googl #stockmarket https://t.co/DD6k5QhfUU
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