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20+ year career tech investor/hedge fund manager. Fundamental alpha generation and absolute returns, driven by my self-developed R/R system and a touch of TA.

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The intraday $META chart literally is this market in a nutshell- as simple as can make it
Consumer wise, the $META Ray Ban glasses prob the most interesting launch- could actually see people buying these at $299
Not a headline you see very often on $AAPL https://t.co/Pco9mofjb2
looked like a snap overreaction in $PTON last night AH and, sure enough, typical crazy squeeze- was up 40% at one point initially, now up 4%- oppositeville- crazy game between longs dumpers and shorts getting squeezed, constantly https://t.co/DMrS8ELlP0
$META AWS partnership- now they're back to chasing it ha
$NKE revs in-line, eps .18 better but 12% tax rate vs. 18% exp; GMs in-line, SGA 6% better than guided; invs big + down 10% vs. sales up 2%- came in clean, now squeakyish clean- will guide on call
Stephanie Link just said $NKE got a good price on their buyback last Q- no, they didn't - paid 105/shr, paid avg of 109 on close to 6B of buys- just the facts... everyone can have an opinion, but not your own facts
$MU up 40+% on deeply neg GMs- pricing has taken a turn for the better and exps rel high into print- primarily on guide- guess just getting back to +GM is a win ha
Dumb it down on $NKE -into LT buy zone imho- was v neg on huge multpast 18 mos as talking heads were chasing-trades ~24x F'24 ests/ 21x F'25-range prob 20-30x reasonable- cut ests 5%, then 25 and 22x- so in zone of reasonable worst case downside 10-15%- yoy comps flip post Feb Q
I have tax-adj eps upside of .88 in eps for $NKE at 18% tax rate vs. .76 est; upside largely lower SGA and share count
Btw- street q3 revs for $INMD are 137.8M vs. 136.1M in q2, so up 1% seq vs. saying quite a bit lately q3 will be flat/down this year- chasers already puked (again)- but just be aware; valuation/exps have recalibrated quite a bit already...
Japan some solid econ data overnight/slightly more hawkish commentary likely weighing $DXY down early on- very marginally better PCE print has yields down- and now all of the short gamma guys can chase their tails a bit the other way; oh, and JPM collar exp today too apparently
End of the day for $META ,all things RL have been a huge boat anchor- spending 15-20B a year without getting any payback so far has been a huge drag on earnings- either they start to get some traction or just manage the losses down- either way, prob a win LT...
$INMD at Cantor repeated again q3 normal seasonality, prob unlike recent years-means revs flat/down seq and not likely much upside-mult seemingly already accts for that but doubt typical +pre -why be disciplined on trading range (ad nauseum), aka, don't chase (current macro)!!
Been a bit surprised at a few of these recent rpts $ACN, $NKE e.g. that they aren't calling out currency as an incremental negative after the recent 600bp rally in $DXY - no way they all embedded that type of rise forward 12 mos- a bit strange; some hedge a portion of course
Obv $PTON very highly shorted as this is purely a minor cost/ focus issue
Basically almost all of the seq rev growth for $MU came from mobile- obv mkt not growing like that - invs up another 26% on a -42% yoy rev decline; 1 place ppl will latch onto + on C'24 supply/demand, esp DRAM- just case of pace of stk rise vs. fundies; invs most end mkts norm
$AMZN 50% fib level wld be 113-114 which would be a logical spot...
ST $META oscillator now back to extreme overbought- tiring stuff... https://t.co/YyqS2krOLL
$NKE setup improving as mult has ground down a bunch and ests exp'd to come down on guide- all about risk/reward... https://t.co/uDNTPpiHEu
$META up 5+% from the Zuck lows yesterday- fun stuff... https://t.co/tzRBaFIEFE
$PTON partners with $LULU- guess I have to burn my whole wardrobe- ha; strategy drift with too much free $$ everywhere
Someone on the sellside should do a whole piece on valuations of growth names decade pre covid and post covid- some like $AAPL and $NKE have co specific reasons why mults have structurally gone up, but in general, manys Qs why justified w/higher inflation, real rate regime...
$NVDA identified as target of French antitrust raid- they're going to try to extract loose change from them all...
Buying $AMC and $GME was NOT about the money according to the Dumb Money author- yes, that's very apparent- he also said he likes $GME stock but also owned https://t.co/4n0Hhrv51w and every other stock that has gone under- this is our market...
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