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Still think we go down to 200D 418 $SPY
$SPY $QQQ $TSLA $AAPL filled their gaps. Wild.
$QQQ Weekly Green Doji, also weekly sto/cci near floor levels of October 2022. This perhaps was the correction we needed for the next move. As mentioned I'm bullish in October based on what I'm seeing. https://t.co/J4yuaKx0kr
$SPY Gotta hold here. https://t.co/jgHl4pYjDs
Despite overall weakness in the markets $TSLA has been relatively strong and the weekly support zone has held all week. https://t.co/jT2bl8Df5O
430 is gonna be iffy we need a close above to be bullish. $SPY PCE tomorrow. Expecting soft CORE.
$SPY Gap fill the 423 and trap! https://t.co/hI3JKAYwyi
$TSLA reclaimed the 100D https://t.co/ltpsVmUsaN
$ES_F fomo time https://t.co/YONaWTxLm4
$QQQ Same story, but rejected 100EMA https://t.co/LiFFJeckAT
$DIA $IWM lost their 200D without a fight. $QQQ $SPY may have that date. We’ll see.
$SPY 200D MAGNET? https://t.co/okMJNrKNdB
$QQQ Woof. Closed right on the trendline. https://t.co/SR1ztbd7wJ
$AMD with the gap fill https://t.co/uyUXqv4FUB
$AAPL Avoided filling the gap at lows of 169. Buyers defending. https://t.co/XHwWSPA24Y
$SPY Losing another critical area. 200D is 418. I don't think we get there this week though. https://t.co/gYzN6gyyBE
$SPY 4 H Despite the effort to pop out of the chop box looks like we end the week here similar levels to early June. Will be very interesting in the next several weeks! https://t.co/MqUqm8BhN2
$SPX let the chop box begin. https://t.co/UJpAe3gwIO
$TSLA Losing the 100D. https://t.co/27jv9otR20
$SPY as of now, pretty much a flat week. Although it certainly doesn't feel that way. Good to recognize now that the weekly STO/CCI is back on the floor. This puts us in my theory, a good bull up trend starting next week or so. The last time the weekly sto has been this low,… https://t.co/Gk2nMUeyAf https://t.co/4yBRCnbnrd
430 on deck. $SPY
$QQQ Trying to breach the 100D. https://t.co/3YIv6B6CK1
$NVDA Bear Flag playing out. So Far. https://t.co/5glRfoBShs
$SPY 423 GAP HAS FILLED. Only took 4 months since the bears called it.
$SPY So far, in to the last hour maintaining trendline. https://t.co/x4yorEgD1G
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