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Most engaging posts mentioning stocks from @The_RockTrading over the last 72 hours.
RT @The_RockTrading: $PRO TIP A hammer is a hanging man on top, and a hanging man is a hammer on bottom. https://t.co/8TMjxPEgfp
$QQQ $AAPL Roasting 🐻 s
I’m gonna hold this for awhile. While you bears figure it out. $SPX https://t.co/mEaAFTqvxa
$SPY absolute bonkers.
$SPY recovered so far yesterdays losses.
$QQQ / $SPY Premarket Look https://t.co/kOW1ugV1C0
$SPY Gone red.
390-400 All Year Long Baby. $SPY
Coming for the gap. $SPY
Like if you saw this this morning. BOOM $SPY https://t.co/HZwEqLPpK0
390 for the perfect HIT. $SPY https://t.co/n49nEhVnV0
$SPY playing catch up to $QQQ
$IWM Flat out oversold + daily candle nice setup. Let's see. December Lows triggered a rally from current prices 170 to nearly 200. Be interesting to see how $SPY $QQQ performs when it takes off. https://t.co/oSNUilnSs6
$SPY Yellen: Prepared For Additional Deposit Actions `if Warranted' - Bloomberg
Short report on $SQ
$SPY fills gap and Yellen saves the market right on time of gap fill. Can’t make this up. Tomorrow Bullard at 🛎️.
Bearish Side of Me: $SPX continues to be "held" up by a only two names: $AAPL $MSFT while breadth is dismal throughout. When $QQQ starts to falter on overheated oscillators, than well, down we go. As of now, $AAPL still holding the line. But STO/CCI diverging. This is your bear… https://t.co/l4Kyf5pLED https://t.co/7P6uFccJ7K
Todays Party Beat is Sponsored By Your Local Angry Bear Who Wants Destruction of the World and Banking System And Hurt Average Americans Well Being: $SPY Great week! https://t.co/B9FWwwOA8x limited time special else spots open up on April 1 @ reg rate. Cheers!!! Charts tomorrow… https://t.co/mtTmmuO6Gu https://t.co/uiWrT4ThOg
$ES_F Daily One way or another, open minded. https://t.co/VZZKfvGbjq
Too much fear of $DB
$SQ Hope @jack sues the crap out of Hindenburg
Imagine a close over 400 from a 392 dip $SPY
Gotta watch $IWM this coming week 🤔
$SPY Gap up open above 200D, sitting at 20D. For now.
$SQ 40% Locked it. But I'm looking for potential AH news position.
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