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Trader trading the trend. Trade in a state of grace. Family friends laughter health & time to play important to me. Living life in alignment with 'what is'.

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Most engaging posts mentioning stocks from @SunriseTrader over the last 72 hours.
$SCHW red to green
$V cc: @BlueFielder daily chart. the h1/65/30 mins charts may need some rest if not in already and looking for entry. https://t.co/mi5tE6jbtK
$AAPL red to green on the day
$TTD filling the gap on the daily (position)
$AI putting shared into let it ride. Still own trade shares.
RT @theEquilibrium: $FTNT weekly - making a move https://t.co/Ccs2JSkcxE
RT @TamirTiko2110: $NFLX +7% Any news i missed ??? https://t.co/OViIK61mLH
$TTD posted charts yesterday
$AI I took a small slice off made great coin. still own plenty of trade shares and some let it rides.
$SHOP Gap entry is 46.92 see if it can get going. daily chart https://t.co/gQH5iyM1O9
$NFLX flag on the 5 and breaking higher HT @ibex_matt Great entry by you WTG
$SCHW next level on radar is 54.17 if price wants higher
$TTD took my payday shares off made $1.75 a share profit. No need for the extra risk
$AXP daily what I see. Has gap support below and ma/gap resistance above. ER in April confirmed date cc: @bluefielder https://t.co/L16zGMrNHQ
$V getting the intraday pullback mentioned earlier
$AI daily back over all major ma's. Indicators ready if price wants it. Been in this one on a base pullback not noted on chart https://t.co/od3HTHk7xr
$AI putting more into let it ride. Inched up stop on trade shares.
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