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Trader trading the trend. Trade in a state of grace. Family friends laughter health & time to play important to me. Living life in alignment with 'what is'.

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Most engaging posts mentioning stocks from @SunriseTrader over the last 72 hours.
$XBI updated chart. I did have a rung of the ladder sell today. Still own about 60% of original amount of shares https://t.co/aRksV9UhAe
$CRM stop hit all out for now made $1.49 a share profit. Trade 100% closed and the name goes back on go-to list.
$CELH over yesterday high. Watching for a move and close over the 10ema. Clear support with the 2 tails down on the daily.
$KR put some of the trade shares into let it ride
Made a fat finger sell on $MU meant to sell paydays and sold all. I will put the name back on my homework list for the weekend.
$SCHW a rung of the ladder sold for good profit. I still own shares and ER is next week.
$CELH after the two tails down confirmation and back over 10/21ma's daily. Move and hold over 61ish next on radar. 100/200ma's have flattened. https://t.co/Jz25vFeWfF
A rung of the trade shares ladder sold yesterday for me on $PANW and $SNOW for real good coin.
$LOW this dumpster dive trade working well. Updated chart. Just took my paydays and put shares into let it ride. Made great % on the paydays and have nice cushion. Still own some trade shares and will make $. Back over 100ma and 2 gaps below. 10/21ma bull cross https://t.co/EVJhaJB7a0 https://t.co/n1aFTtOKfS
$XOP took the payday shares off for good payday %. https://t.co/6oWR6788XI
$NFLX one bracket of the let it rides sold while I was out of town. Made very good $. I still own let it rides
$GNRC 155.35 then 156.48 levels on my radar if price wants it. Inched up one of the trade share brackets. Need more cushion for let it rides https://t.co/HzNachLbdo
$UBER in a choppy base. Price needs a move and hold over 73.60ish 74 even better https://t.co/hlyKJIKCCc
$C 52 week high list. Earnings this week
$KR back over 50ma best if closes over. None in let it ride just yet need a bit more cushion. Left the stop alone on most of the bracket orders did inch up one. https://t.co/UnVMvllUdg https://t.co/xfnwcdzDo6
$TSLL inching up let it ride stop and using the weekly to identify levels.
$FTNT no green to red stop hit made $ on the remainder of the holding. Trade 100% closed.
Upped the let it ride stop on $SMH and $NVDA Letting price seek its own level with room in the stop.
$IBM not enough cushion yet to put into let it ride but did inch the stop up on partial and left the stop alone on partial with the idea of let it ride in the near future https://t.co/WfzeuTqPML
$CELH back over the 10ema daily. (still own it here)
$COTY dumpster dive trade working well took my paydays off for 6.5% on the common shares. Need a bit more cushion and I will put some of the trade shares into let it ride. I have to see what price wants to do. ER not until August so have lots of time if price wants higher https://t.co/NDvSTBMrfJ
$GNRC one rung of the ladder stop hit made just shy of $4 a share profit. Stop at breakeven area on the rest.
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