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RT @Bull2Algo: $BTC Look at this short 🚨 from algo https://t.co/l2B1t6UEV7
$NVDA closed +110% πŸ”₯ https://t.co/WF0vxmERvq https://t.co/I09iM4nso7
$SQ https://t.co/OZ0cQdXriZ
🚨Huge alerts today at @Bull2Algo $ROKU $TSLA $IWM $ES https://t.co/vzL0QqQ2je
$FRC awesome short 🚨 this morning at 13.59 now at 12.25 https://t.co/rCMDn0XqXl
$TSLA long 🚨 at @Bull2Algo https://t.co/8yh1jqDok0
Todays trade log in #OptionTrading chat room @bullsonwallst βœ… $COIN βœ… $QQQ βœ… $NFLX βœ… $SPY βœ… $IWM βœ… $ROKU βœ… $BA βœ… $AMZN Base Hit Trading Focused 🚨Free 7 day trial : https://t.co/QlYercnhBh https://t.co/mzK7lfKwpf
$TSLA fresh highs from 🚨🀌🏼 https://t.co/g8v5H9yuYQ https://t.co/pdMuu1nF9A
Todays @bullsonwallst #OptionTrading chat room trade log. βœ… $TSLA #puts βœ… $COIN #puts βœ… $QQQ #puts βœ… $SPX #puts 7-day free trials here : https://t.co/QlYercmJLJ https://t.co/ZAUjlGn4mN
Huge $COIN short 🚨 by the algo today https://t.co/Lg0Yn3HHk0
$ES Nailed the top #Short for a decent wallet padder $ES -Hit and run cant overstay the visit right now https://t.co/X55pPCJBBW
$NVDA closed the 270p for +110% rolled lower 267.50p and closed for +71% βœ… Roll Strategy is where accounts #GROW https://t.co/i6Ohs9dwd1 https://t.co/55l66tR5Ma
$NVDA 8 minutes into the session and we are ripping the 270 #puts 1/4 left at +60% This was #1 focus in @bullsonwallst #OptionTrading Chat room https://t.co/SxsnvTPZlI
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