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$SOFI Q4 Earnings Snapshot: https://t.co/bt0zjmMPCi
$META Q4 Earnings Snapshot: https://t.co/AmM9VJswQ7
Why do $AAPL $AMZN & $GOOGL all have to report at the same time? Going to be an interesting week. I need more hands. πŸ˜‚πŸ™‚
$META headwinds are fading. IDFA lapped w/the 800bps headwind gone Q1 23. AI investments fixing attribution & sharpening targeting post $AAPL. FOA engagement outperforming TikTok as it laps post-pandemic hangover. FX headwinds easing. Reels & WhatsApp monetization ramping.
My full Q4 2022 $SOFI Earnings Review: https://t.co/klDYpLyf2g
RT @TheTranscript_: $SOFI with a double beat. CEO: "Record revenue across all 3 of our business segments...drove our record fQ4 adjusted…
RT @SteveUrkelDude: Earnings, $SOFI. Not bad at all.
$AMD Q4 Earnings Snapshot: https://t.co/WADVenNyxg
Excited for our 3 month cycle of $SNAP being for some reason considered an ad-tech bellwether until the actual ad-tech bellwethers report.
$SOFI Operating Leverage Visualized: Pretty. https://t.co/kaUiaYGbK3
Macro issues are ~magically~ more manageable when the micro-level story & value prop is stronger. See $AMD vs. $INTC.
RT @ajitosu: $SOFI πŸ‘‡πŸ‘‡
RT @FinJourney: Solid stuff $SOFI
I guess $SOFI 🐻s are going to have to find a new, contextless, nuance-lacking slant when it turns GAAP Net Income positive this year.
$SOFI's 2023 guide assumes 2% GDP contraction, 5% unemployment & widening credit spreads. $MA $V see no 2023 recession. Spreads have already come in w/ABS market access & cost improving. Mgmt has established a stable track record of under promise, over deliver. Hello upside?
$MTCH results were underwhelming. Q1 2023 guide was a bit disappointing but full year 2023 guide was largely in line. Full review Saturday!
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