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BTW. Everyone always asks me about my wife’s Blood on the Street account. It’s called the BOS. It officially goes back to a all cash rider on the close. Last buy for her was $spx 3630ish (time stamped) My Macro accounts 401k 403b 529 stay fully invested. With monthly flows
$spx weekly chart with levels and thoughts. Make sure to always Read the Language as I made a move in the BOS account $spx hit 4148. Know all your timeframes. https://t.co/ROe1DlJ5hY
$snap is my Lotto play I put on last week. #630club Wanted a visual https://t.co/cbmQ5r2aKH
$spy levels and some tactical thoughts. https://t.co/B6imiuBv2u
$BTC spot is important https://t.co/Ngnqa8XJme
$spx levels and thoughts as we head into a busy week #630club $spy $qqq $tsla $sofi $aapl $lcid $nio $nflx $btc https://t.co/Kh1pMqKzLF https://t.co/u8wsiPfzUG
$spy glance with some thoughts and levels https://t.co/uEugkBexX0
And the $tsla weekly https://t.co/Fn2XgSSok9 https://t.co/dRJpLGRSQU
$spy daily abs weekly so tight heading into FOMC https://t.co/VFCrm5bYha
$AMd Resistance $79-$80 area
RT @TraderTimestamp: @RedDogT3 On top of bullish $spy, you need to show daily RDRs also. $csco 37 cents after RDR. $ms $1. $wfc 50 cents. $…
RT @epictrades1: $XBI & $LABU having a moment today. $XBI needs to get and stay above 90 to get going. I would be flat by 95 or so.
RT @epictrades1: $META last week Jim said buy off a possible TikTok ban. Tonight he just found out it’s a has been advertising company, Do…
Big earnings week with $META $XOM $UPS $SOFI $SBUX $QCOM etc. Get on my list for tomorrow: https://t.co/88cKgbrcUN
$spx 4136 time stamp. https://t.co/lxdwZrq6Mc
Nobody was talking about $sofi when we tactically went over Buy Strategy weeks ago below $5 https://t.co/GnNvRYnvau
$qqq post close as we’ll see if we can hold the ascending trend line prior to FOMC https://t.co/47S2OqtuA1
$spy Morning glance as the pattern builds and tactical strategies work for cash flow https://t.co/BQPjjKCtJd
We were early with $atat. But In here. It hit $28+ last week for most. https://t.co/VLMsaUylfq
I hope the plan from the #630 helped. Manage the positions. The play was $spy above $408ish gets u $412.50ish. $tsla lead the way
$snap call spread won’t work. At Least we made in the Common stock from $9.80 to $11.45. We don’t hold stock into the print. Risk is premium paid in options
$spx chart as it just went red to green pre-mkt #630club https://t.co/1x4nMIh8AN https://t.co/Q0Aj0HUpos
$TLT wedges pre -Fomc. It will be good to watch this for clues this week https://t.co/uR1dKhX3Vb
$spx levels and thoughts to go with the #630club $spy $qqq $tsla $nvda $amd $btc $msgm https://t.co/PUezcqU9Dw https://t.co/LN7kyqTwfZ
$tsla worked well as it reclaimed yesterday’s low for cash flow. A nice focus since January 6th https://t.co/lpgd46rhZy
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