@RedDogT3 | Scott Redler
Chief Strategist T3Live/T3TradingGroup, frequent CNBC/Bloomberg/Fox Biz guest, 2xIronman, devoted Husband & Father.

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Most engaging posts mentioning stocks from @RedDogT3 over the last 72 hours.
That $spy $431-$433 was a much better sell as stated. Now we see if $425-$426 holds.
$meta. What a fade the news. The last one to give it up
$qqq and $aapl follow up with some levels. https://t.co/DAvZec0dp9
$tlt chart request from todays #9:00 video https://t.co/zmnT9vOymg https://t.co/duARwz1LUV
$TLT monthly look https://t.co/bKF0BbvLnX
$spy Morning glance. https://t.co/Pe4Er1kh9r
Stocks fade when $TLT’s go down.
ETF leaders - today, September, YTD $MSOS $URA $XLE $OIH $SPY $QQQ https://t.co/DDrkEQFkvb
This was pre-market for $tsla as I’m off the desk. I did say it was a candidate to go green to red. (U can say that happened) Now, $238ish is a spot. https://t.co/j9Bl9TrL4u https://t.co/ElMwsTjiee
$spy levels and thoughts post PCE I will do a #630club at 8:55 https://t.co/rO4xcTpCOT
$aapl follow up as per request https://t.co/60pDb7MrrV
$spy Morning glance as early gains fade https://t.co/8175Rpylz8
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