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$CDTX was a 100% mover and rewarded nicely for PDUFA run up. Always a good idea to lock profits especially if there is a good run up into the catalyst. Usually you see a pullback on news. Otherwise, we end up giving our profits back.
There was so much noise everywhere when $TSLA stock was under pressure and dropped down to $100. Folks who bought those big dips rewarded handsomely than those sitting on the sidelines or ones still waiting for imaginary price targets.
Small starter $SQ $60.11
$XFOR Same plan. Catalyst in May for WHIM PH3 updates and Q2-Q3 data for CN Plan is to add before and trim as we approach May catalyst. Stock trades under cash, that's another positive plus data is for late stage PH3 drug.
RT @FocusNotice: $SOFI is adding Zelle very soon. New UI for “pay a friend” credit: @brad7s https://t.co/7F93NRY52m
Rinse repeat is the perfect mantra for Biotechs especially during such choppy market conditions. If I'm confident on certain Biotechs, I buy the dips slowly in increments (still accounts diversified). $PRVB and $NARI recent big winners.
$VKTX stock dipped quite a bit Since $ALT updated their data even though $VKTX has different dual mechanism vs $ALT as I mentioned in my previous tweets Let’s look at few slides that demonstrate $VKTX superior efficacy vs Ozempic blockbuster drug (animal results) ⬇️⬇️ cont. https://t.co/baFcSfpQjq
$AUPH back to ~ $10
NASH stocks hot theme this year. $AKRO $MDGL and now $ETNB Leading $VKTX and $TERN next one later this year when they report data for NASH.
$GRTX slow and steady grind up. Over $2.5 it likely makes a breakout pattern. Goal is to hold full position as a run up play for PDUFA. Mentioned this before being a very derisked catalyst and potential huge (TAM) vs $CDTX which had a restricted label https://t.co/IyFIMb3Vv5
$ETNB 🔥🔥
$ETNB https://t.co/uzX2kVGCDx
2 ways to play biotech stocks $ETNB good example Scenario 1: Bought shares $ETNB early on in anticipation of NASH run up play after $AKRO tripled over time. Original position started 5+ and sold most in teens. Scenario 2: Bought dips after +ve data yesterday $14 and lower.
Charts help you define your entry points but I don’t let charts rule conviction plays. Recent example $PRVB Major support was broken on charts but but If we have panicked and sold shares we would have missed this big buyout reward. Stock traded high $6 before buyout news ⬇️ https://t.co/hKukwDG9jS
$XBI hammer formation. Let's see if price action next week shows bottom in
$SPY ATM below 200 SMA now
$INZY 👌👌 https://t.co/2YYcwasLaI
$ETNB very nice price action similar to $AKRO after secondary announcement. https://t.co/nnJxegOImN
$INZY breaking out over pivot point https://t.co/NVn3pUn633
$PYXS interesting. This is the second time $pfe added shares i think. https://t.co/e8YVmUxISE
Added some $ETNB to existing position.
Few shares in $DAWN
$GRTX like my risk reward in this name and an important play for fda decision. Derisked and good run up play candidate -Unmet need -Big market potential upon fda approval -Pipeline ⬇️⬇️ I’m Long $GRTX https://t.co/UAUWejEfRM
RT @BayAreaBiotechI: $MDGL M&A is most likely: #NASH $ICPT $AKRO $ETNB $VKTX $TERN
RT @pnani456: $ISEE call buyers last 2 days https://t.co/GkEwqvdxZV
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