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My goal is to help speed up your learning curve with proven systems & analysis. Investor, Swing trader, Educator, IBD Meetup leader. Grateful Husband & Father.

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$META alerts set. Still working. Locked in some good profits already. Like that! *Note the clean and simple base. Note the volume pickup. #stocks #investing https://t.co/pqZIMB2Qj0
$ACLS loses 21 day? Will lock in more profits. Been a GREAT RUN. #stocsk #investing https://t.co/oGfUhCeTqj
$ACLS been a GREAT RUN. #stocks #investing https://t.co/rSc04DbfL8
$AMD Working. TRENDS PAY. #stocks #investing https://t.co/FWwzW8pNm0
$AMD good lesson. Clean & Simple base buy. NICE TREND. Sold some into strength in this choppy market. In good shape. #stocks #investing https://t.co/11pr6Wx3Y8
$ANET A plus. #stocks #investing https://t.co/t26wmur7en
$ANET good entry and TRENDS PAY. #stocks #investing https://t.co/tTmiEv3bu2
$META working. Note the clean and simple base. VOLUME SURGE ALSO. #stocks #investing https://t.co/Zg94M5oHz7
$ACLS been a great run. Trends pay. #stocks #investing https://t.co/LH6dMvPBj4
$ANET working. Clean & Simple base and TRENDS PAY. #stocks #investing https://t.co/xJQoXbozAq
$ACLS great run. AND SELLS INTO STRENGTH HELP! Make more money. AND...lessen risk. Love that. #stocks #investing https://t.co/eKETC7NlGV
$ACLS great run. AND SELLS INTO STRENGTH HELP! Make more money. AND...lessen risk. Love that. #stocks #investing https://t.co/7awNJqyAS3
We have simple tactics that keeps us on the right side of the action. $SPY...in just 1 second...tells us to be cautious. #stocks #investing https://t.co/XTtWALMauR
$SPY and pre-market price. Will take some work and power to get a good lift. #stocks #investing https://t.co/KjcQtgs3hA
$META in great shape. Note the clean and simple base breakout. #stocks #investing https://t.co/KSoKIElGwp
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