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RT @eWhispers: #earnings for the week https://t.co/lObOE0dgsr $CCL $BNTX $LULU $MU $IZEA $SKLZ $WBA $HTHT $FUTU $LOVE $RH $PAYX $IHS $G…
$SPY remains sideways, Downtrend not tested, neither were the lows from 2 weeks ago. Choppy as hell, no direction right now https://t.co/2TB5Nhe2ps
Good Morning! Futures down $SQ d/g Neutral @ Atlantic pt $70 from $95 $ZM int Neutral @ Rosenblatt pt $75 $RNG int By @ Rosenblatt pt $35 $MCD pt raised $299 from $293 @ TD Cowen $REGN u/g Market Perform @ RJ Very quiet
Good Morning Futures up FDIC IS SAID TO DELAY BID DEADLINE FOR SVB. $COIN SAYS IT GOT A WELLS NOTICE FROM SEC STAFF $NVDA pt raised $300 from $270 @ Needham $CHWY pt cut $33 from $35 @ Barclays $FSLR PT raised $230 from $162 @ Barclays $COP pt cut 141 from $160 @ Barclays
Markets back to where we were at the Fed decision. Gap and squeeze today.. no headlines of note $MRVL $NFLX have joined the party.. $MRVL big flow out of the gate
$NFLX nice push, just missed the 50D on Friday.. why? Some social media rumor that $AAPL going to buy them.. this gets floated every few years.. IMHO not happening! That said provided nice trades, 50D big spot now https://t.co/ZDgoSJbXwg
$JPM Held the 200D, heavy exposure to $FRC likely why it's so cheap here. Great bank, likely the one I would run to if they bounce. https://t.co/nTSX9nPP1m
$MRVL have to love flow.. Thursday out of the gate big call buying and we jumped on it. Nice trade on a name that wasn't on my radar. Over the 50D 200D next target ... 40 Some support https://t.co/vSi5w0NzIS
$COST on watch for a break back over the 200D https://t.co/BaIcsVw9Ie
$AAPL broke 156 area finally. Now 166 in play.. another of THE names they want here ... so few of them https://t.co/YzjmT2pmV8
$AMD Has been on Fire since 3rd Point stake. See if it holds the 8D if so 105 next target https://t.co/euQVRsJ8Hk
$PANW Broke out but couldn't hold it so far. 8D holding so far... https://t.co/oYbGWcmsvQ
$GLD and Silver huge moves last week, Never chase them, they always come back. See if the 8D holds https://t.co/7AgdQhAdGd
$META One of THE names right now. dip to the 8D held and new highs off the lows. 210 then 215 next targets https://t.co/WF5f5usv7j
$NVDA has been on a rampage. if it continues 280 then 300 next targets. One of THE names https://t.co/tJfZgcdpV1
Wild day... $SPY back over the 200D into the close.. they are not making this easy. $NFLX and $MRVL very nice days, flow in the first minutes clued us in. One more day, I'm sticking w/ big tech names until they break! HAGN!!!
$ARKK Tough week for this one when 2 of it's top names $SQ and $COIN getting clobbered. Held the 100D for now, down trend needs to break https://t.co/TEpmeeL16I
$XLF the carnage continues.. failed at the 8D.. If you want a direction watch the banks, if they bounce will bounce... 8D has to be cleared here until then bearish https://t.co/w1gbadgYUG
$SNOW Also kissing the gap over and over but sellers still there for now. https://t.co/z3NrTY08cS
$PYPL Holding in through this.. 50D remains a problem but holding the 72 area, support til it breaks https://t.co/J5DFYBTLHO
$AMZN Holding in but not one they want. 101 remains a huge problem for it. Needs to clear it with volume https://t.co/VxJKoFEWLo
$MSFT Back over the AI hyped move. Another nice gap ahead my next target https://t.co/WCbZqq8L8O
$WYNN Nice way to play China, remains one of the stronger casinos. 102 must hold https://t.co/FtmVct7OOe
$BA held the 100D on Friday, under there some support around 188. Choppy mess above here, ton of overhead supply now https://t.co/NYVaTxh1l4
$EA Moving on hope they get bought out now. Silly, but is what it is. Huge gap here, room to eh 100D but very extended here https://t.co/SdJJSb4UzI
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