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Most engaging posts mentioning stocks from @OptionsHawk over the last 72 hours.
People seeing $SPY down 1% and not knowing its the strongest market day in like 6 months Wild rotation day!
Lilly $LLY Oct. $1200 calls bought 1000X $4.50 to $4.70, continues to be an impressive mover https://t.co/B5S4oI5n14
$AMD Nailed this move for members, banking profits today https://t.co/cJwuhlDW8V
$IWM $207 😍 https://t.co/IX7yWoi6d5
$IWM 208, really shining here, seeing that rotation for the rate cut play out 2H24 These r/r's should hit nicely https://t.co/4YZ9iPa9qD
$TT $CARR $LII Just keep doing your thing HVAC names
$GME IV30 up 17.7%, something may be brewing again
I did not intend for it to happen in two days lol $IWM beast! https://t.co/zUdAS8nlUB
$GME meming
There's the long expected $COST memerbship fee raise catalyst
$SPY hit our 1.618 Fibonacci extension target from the December 2023 breakout move https://t.co/O3TxtIygZ6 https://t.co/sX9nNAkWJI
China Internet $KWEB size buys 13000 November $30 calls $1.75 offer, perfect bounce off AVWAP off Jan. low and into China economic policy meeting
Malibuu Boats $MBUU unusual OTM buy 1750 August $35 calls $1.45 offer sweep
$GTLB pops on that $HUBS note, with all the call flow there and a potential GOOG other option
$EA 4000 weekly 147 calls bought here
$QRVO big range break and over AVWAP off highs as RF names should start to play catch up https://t.co/xoBS8s8V3i
$GME IVs rising here making a run
$IRMD https://t.co/su3VrT5YTU
$LNTH +25% Some members hit it big today after our note yesterday on the unusual flow! (not many would catch that action) https://t.co/iDCr8zex4D
$AMKR continues to surge from recent call buying https://t.co/S9W1IRH9O0
$K now buyer 1000 August $57.5 calls $1.35 offer Follows earlier Sep calls into $CAG $PEP reports
$SPY Dec 2025 740 calls up to 2.15 ha https://t.co/VAte8ggBCt
Centene $CNC 2000 July $69 calls bought $0.65 offer sweep, follows big $MOH calls late yesterday and UNH report next week catalyst
$ADI working out of value and bull consolidation
Illumina $ILMN buyer 450 January $135 calls $7 to $7.20, have to wonder if it becomes a M&A target now with Grail gone
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