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Costco $COST monthly 🐐 https://t.co/VJao9IL8Rl
$QQQ at highs of the week after holding rising 21-MA three straight sessions Always best to wait for pice to break a key level to get cautious instead of just thinking market can not keep going 384 that level on QQQ (4 hour or 295 min close) which would take us back to 379… https://t.co/9nmplHIrp2
Hope everyone made it out of the 30-minute $LULU sell off ok
Ford $F buyer 5500 Jan. 26th (W) $11 calls for $0.52 If your flow provider marks this as a sale, end/cancel now...these are the kind they generally screw up using a fake bid-ask as ref.
Synovus $SNV regional bank w/ 85% jump in total call open interest following Feb 39 and May OTM action https://t.co/Dk5gVzTVtD
$SNBR has gained 40% in the five days since, the 5K Dec. 10 calls up huge, now 3K Mar. 25 calls are bought... https://t.co/fR1k5jn48m
$IWM strong here
Arm $ARM beauty of a bull flag breakout seeing 1000 March $70 calls bought $4.30 to $4.40 https://t.co/3KndrgFhx5
$HD been a beauty off trend/200-week support https://t.co/vQiIwl8I9f
$CALM breaking out here and 7000 Dec 52.5 calls sitting in OI from buys, Eggs play w/ elevated short float
$INTC Feb 45 calls now over 8000X bought
Could $EPAM be back? https://t.co/fwiClFKvJc
$BKNG starting to emerge out of value, flag
$INGN calls already $1.70 lol https://t.co/TdtJ22KO0f
$INGN 1700 Jan 5 calls buy here up to $0.80
Yen $FXY with 5000 June $66 calls bought today up to $2.10
$RNG notable spike, relative strength, peer of FIVN which is on deal watch
$PANW $SNOW working out of bull flags Tech remains a beast
Mizuho went real in depth with this $PCVX report, been a favorite Bio for quite some time
$AVTR nice
$ALLE strong clearing 200-MA after the HON/CARR security deal
$ALT Dec 10 calls 4000X hot here, been running since Obesity data and Roche obesity buyout
Applied Opto $AAOI massive move since October seeing 1440 OTM March $30 far OTM calls bought $1.55 aggressively
$CF strong up 5% running all morning, posted the Scotia note pre-market that was + CF, NTR with China export news
$HPQ moving
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