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Most engaging posts mentioning stocks from @OptionsHawk over the last 72 hours.
$SQ getting Hndenburged... https://t.co/7rsHlIIO50
$BABA next week calls hot early w/ buyers
$CBRE puts now around $9.50...not too shabby Always look for names that will get caught in the crossfire when crisis' start https://t.co/KW7jJQUFxB
We have a market w/ 80% of names under the 50-day but $AAPL $AMD $NVDA $GOOG $MSFT all leading in strong trends
$SE triggering breakout above earnings high and consolidaiton
$MANU https://t.co/zNXjJhAmPV
$SWAV strength continues
$GNRC strong early bull reversal candle
$BIDU rocking since 3/13 write-up https://t.co/L9zuF0Voqb
$SMCI to 118 from 75 in two months, never fails https://t.co/FwQfPvf92z
$BAC April 25.50 puts up to 15K now
$VRTX quiet strength to multi-week highs
$PTON 5K next week puts bought as this week adjust
$SHOP up 4% to multi-week highs, impressive how many growth names have held so strong and weakness focused on Financials and Energy
$DASH strong and coiled near recent highs
$ES_F nice early move w/ breadth real strong Was looking for 4025 on a 4002 break From morning report https://t.co/qBX5XYhXQp
$REGN nice!
Apple $AAPL large buy-write sells 2000 January 2025 $215 calls for 9.20
$WOOF Jan 7.50 puts
$RCUS July 20 call buyers interesting w/ it trading around cash value and Biotech M&A hot
Europe Financials $EUFN with 15,000 April $17 puts bought $0.70 to $0.80
Inflation Protected Treasury $TIP odd buy of 40,000 September $120/$125 call spreads for $0.27, clearing 200-day this week with big volume pocket back to 113.5
$NFLX hot open again
$ROKU strong to highs, coiled w/ impressive resilience of late and some far OTM call buys
Advance Micro $AMD staying strong and seeing 5000 May $85 puts sell to buy 5000 of the $105/$120 call spreads
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