@OphirGottlieb | Ophir Gottlieb
CEO @CMLviz . Contrib @Reuters . MS Stanford Math. Ex option market maker & HF manager. Recognized as first to use AI in large scale finance

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$META big move off of earnings report. • Revenue: $32.17B vs $31.53B • Rev guidance 27.25B vs $27.1B (Midpoint) • Full Year expense guide lower • DAU 2B vs 1.99B est • MAU 2.96B vs 2.98B est • Restructuring excl EPS would have been $1.24 higher • $40B buyback
$MSFT From the Today Tab 1. Three year backtest 2. Chart 3. Today Tab Trigger TradeMachine: https://t.co/7SKNzQ45L9 https://t.co/BwetOHcIUm
$CFLT This is how I see it (using estimates prior to the pre-announcement). https://t.co/X5IZP1h0zo
Chart time: $DBO Agriculture Commodity Breakout; $TSLA Key Prices https://t.co/iMloGQnCpz
Chart Time: • $DBA Commodity Breakout • $TSLA Key Prices https://t.co/5yqkwJJgQY
$SPX Next levels on the charts https://t.co/V2XCn64X5B
$SPLK trigger for volatility on Today Tab for TradeMachine. Short-term vol burst; non directional. Img 1: Backtest Img 2: Chart (break through MA) Img 3: Today Tab And url of backtest: https://t.co/aNGLljIxbJ https://t.co/FF8Ax4NjwK
$TSLA bounce in a chart https://t.co/zZ4xsvQuIK https://t.co/F4k7og1deL https://t.co/a8avgGfQDx
$TSLA bounce in a chart https://t.co/zZ4xsvQuIK https://t.co/laBZj4q57m
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