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Stocks/Options/JD/MBA,CA, Skier. Ex Esq. Ride the wave. Learn 2 think 4 yourself. Plan your trade trade your plan. Follow Flow. LA/DC/Palm Beach

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Most engaging posts mentioning stocks from @MalibuInvest over the last 72 hours.
#lucidmotors $LCID for sale on Cars&Bids ‡️ https://t.co/NU5Ua6bhiu
LIVE shot of $FN (which was in the weekly #7ForSunday) over @MalibuPrivate Thats a #Maliboooooom ! https://t.co/y1s3zqlHtJ
$COST $TGT #theft https://t.co/RiZ2CtjkHx
$FDX price alert Mark is at or above $269.00 Mark = 269.69; Impl vol = 24.60% 69? Wait,what ? https://t.co/DzG2A5QiA9 https://t.co/hHhc7xBvsx
**Long $FDX next week #lotto $272.5C at $1.58, stops at $1, Mortimer" https://t.co/L1MslgXwzk
#EV $TSLA $LCID and now $RIVN up for auction on Cars and Bids bidding over $42,000 now ‡️ https://t.co/oLllYQC1Gc
$FN almost +$9 now....having a fantastic day over @MalibuPrivate πŸ˜‰
May have to switch the other way and go long $550 on $COST
#FlashQuiz #Boeing $BA #stock is acting like a limp... (fill in the blank);
Thinkng of @sandiegosam and others in #California 😁🀣😁 long $COST as well πŸ‘ https://t.co/2KgyXiJTSQ
SOLD $FN at $7.50 (from $1.90) Gonna roll a few higher, as this is a "day 1" https://t.co/t8QKr0Jg5k
You're up $2 per contract in $NVDA, on a simple ten (10) lot, thats $2000 in less than 2 days, congrats ! Great job team @MalibuPrivate !
$FDX we appear to be back in business.....
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