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As $SNAP dumps today after earnings, don't forget they dished out another $1.38 billion of SBC last year which was 30% of revenues and 7.5% of market cap. That's some serious dilution! As we get through earnings season I'll be updating my SBC spreadsheet https://t.co/PycMmwkJLJ
$NKE (Nike) should buy $DECK (which owns Hoka). $DECK bought @Hoka in 2012 for $1.1M when the company was doing $2-3M in sales. $DECK reports earnings tomorrow; we’ll find out Hoka probably did $1.2B+ in sales last year. Hoka will hit $2B+ in annual sales in the next 2 years.
I guess $SNAP is not a great read through to $META πŸ˜† $META up +15% AH $SNAP was down -10% today but -15% at the lows of the day. $META now up 100% from the November lows. https://t.co/0OSz0ioeuS
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