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Here the stocks hitting 52-week highs today, it's actually 73% less names than the 52-week low list which shows how ugly this market has gotten under the surface compared to $SPY and $QQQ AMR ANF ARCH AROC CCJ CEIX CHS CNQ COST DNN ERIE FERG FTLF HNI… https://t.co/acywrVOgOs https://t.co/cIoK1EYylE
$ASPN now up 52% in the past month, someone knows something, this kind of relative strength in a crappy market can’t be ignored. https://t.co/dGUnUuwNeY
I smell some green shoots coming in... $SPX bouncing off the 200d ema, $TNX rejected at resistance, $VIX falling below the 200d -- hopefully we get a strong close and a cooler PCE tomorrow morning https://t.co/eQffiCJZpg
Markets look sketchy and seasonality is not our friend but here's a few setups that look decent today... $ERIE pushes through 296.30 $FRO pushes through 18.42 (HP) then through 18.75 (FP) $IMO pushes through 60.44 $LFMD pushes through 5.45 HP = half position, FP = pull position https://t.co/qb4qYAKmoQ https://t.co/QkqhX0Zh45
Here are the stocks hitting 52-week highs today, it's actually 73% less names than the 52-week low list which shows how ugly this market has gotten under the surface compared to $SPY and $QQQ AMR ANF ARCH AROC CCJ CEIX CHS CNQ COST DNN ERIE FERG FTLF HNI… https://t.co/ji0bpE2wlz https://t.co/cIoK1EYylE
Not surprising to see the indexes falling apart again with the 10Y yield ($TNX) hitting fresh 16 year highs and the $VIX at the highest levels since May, after closing yesterday above the 200d sma for the first time since the SVB and First Republic bank failures. Throw in some… https://t.co/xW7HknwLWx https://t.co/OeQkDGHeSw
Tomorrow morning at 8:30am EST we get August PCE, so of course it's backwards looking, but still a favorite data point for the FOMC. Estimates are for 3.5% YoY (+0.2% MoM) on headline PCE and +3.9% YoY (+0.2% MoM) for Core PCE. With $TNX getting rejected today resistance… https://t.co/UEZrxZDqAn https://t.co/iGB1XZE6u8
$ONON with another perfect bounce off 25.50 https://t.co/VD1upyEbQg
All 4 of these stocks were on my watchlist today and I started 3-6% positions in each of them... $CEIX $SFM $BRZE $CSWC https://t.co/7kvz4JTcYM https://t.co/aDbpOnl0By
Thanks to everyone that called me an idiot the past couple days for pointing out $TNX (10Y) was getting rejected at resistance going back to 2018 and that a weekly close below the trendline was a big deal and could fuel an October rally assuming that PCE didn't come in hot this… https://t.co/DwhvmqGuxt https://t.co/fSTZoqTLXu
Here are 4 stocks that were on my watchlist this morning but I missed the breakout and didn't chase (but probably should have)... $MRTX $CAMT $FN $LFMD https://t.co/F0dt4u7kJK https://t.co/aDbpOnl0By
I also got into the following this morning... $GLBE when it pushed through VWAP from summer high $SMCI when it pushed through 50d sma $UBER when it opened up above 20d sma https://t.co/c5mt5qzM46 https://t.co/W6JoAa66me
I believe $CELH sold off the past couple weeks because the YoY volumes data for September is coming in lower than July & August (volumes are back to April & May) but investors are underestimating the +26% YoY price increases. 112-120% YoY volume growth over the past 4 weeks… https://t.co/5jqAlNq2yr https://t.co/Mzmdfg7Akp
Trading the Charts newsletter for Sept 27th... https://t.co/XvZwrs6FoI Only 13.7% of the $SPX companies are still above their 50d ema, the lowest number since March which marked the lows of the year so we could be setting up for a bounce. Energy looks like the strongest sector… https://t.co/XnObAbd2Ek https://t.co/eyVSQETlfb
I started a handful of half positions this morning (~3% each)... $ROIV when it pushed through 12.85 $AMR when it pushed through 251.26 $OII when it pushed through 26.36 $ALHC when it pushes through 6.89 Average stop loss is -1.3% below entry price. My average loser this… https://t.co/RGH9NwTUTl https://t.co/iQRPfmyqWd https://t.co/TQ49H7o5WB
$TNX trying to push through resistance on the weekly log chart https://t.co/ai2RoROdFp https://t.co/aDbpOnl0By
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