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$LULU New 52W high. Grabbed this after hours. Don't do that often but I'm hard to be negative on this. People moaning about pennies. https://t.co/A0sOjyvzCo
$QQQ Couple more points here and u can book all time highs is a good bet.
$AMZN Keep in mind this is a weekly chart. Just so hard to tell where the resistance is? 🤣🤣 Hint: It starts with 147 https://t.co/B8AXZQiChL
$AMD Showed another pivot level. Support for 3 days and then zoom. Setup before the news. Many names have launched on news but then fail to explode higher. We will see if Lisa and $AMD put this to the test. @MartyChargin ur girlfriend is acting up again. 🤣 https://t.co/P0CfGY0vLD
$AMZN Looks ready to explode or get slaughtered. Comparatively speaking to other mega it has been a laggard. https://t.co/YslAPMmDDj
$SNOW Trying again. lol https://t.co/kF6PE8DoRM
$CRWD Resilient after yesterday.
$MCD https://t.co/nxDLbzZVvw
$TSLA 1.7M or 1.8M is really irrelevant at his point, except to the anxiety filled portfolio managers. The real question is 2.7M next year. Much much tougher imo. https://t.co/i5xnXw7pLH
$DKNG If it can't catch here I will look for support at 34.40.
$SPY Was so excited to get going after the 200MA cross it left a gappy mess. Don't fight the 200MA even if it is swiss cheese. Gaps fills not as big an issue as the bulls run but if the bears come out they love em. https://t.co/0MmRrtc6fT
$MELI 1565 is an imp level of support. This lines up ish with the equity offering back in 2021 if anyone cares. https://t.co/FME6ry3GCF
$PLTR Struggling at the 50MA again.
Holy mackerel $AMD! Save some for later.
$AMZN https://t.co/SzNMSMDu0m
$GOOG Boom! Its important to know pivot. https://t.co/xKLuajcKft https://t.co/8fEic3tBjt
$AMZN https://t.co/DYkxAdpOgI
$SHOP https://t.co/HBctiCCk9Y
$TSLA If that isn't currently a 'I am not telling what I am gonna do candle", I don't know what is. lol
$VWAGY paying to watch? Seems kinda creepy. lol https://t.co/phyZF7Gyoq
$BA Been a beast. At a critical level now.
Why anyone wanting exposure to $TSLA would not do so directly is weird. Most 'managers' show they can't keep up with the underlying asset of $TSLA. Specifically Ross is just a grifting joke buying a $RIVN with clients fees looking to invest in TSLA. 🤯 https://t.co/A7mx9eaX9h
$CRWD 245 break could bring 260 but OMG its just parabolic. Lower gap fill would be a great opportunity but as long as above the 8ema gotta stay in the trade. Always have a balance between selling to soon and risk management. #rules https://t.co/HztvuaEbXf
Luke warm to this, bit more like riding coat tails but at least right direction. Some one will have to read it to Mary and $STLA next big thing truck is essentially a hybrid as they bad mouth transitioning. https://t.co/Hu1chSkioC
$SNOW zoomed in. A precise but brick wall has been built for $SNOW at that AH close after ER. To say it has not been an imp level would be unfair. https://t.co/5y8b06T1dl
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