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RT @SvvyTrdr: Here's what time you should expect the major after hours earnings according to Earnings Whispers $AMD - 4:15PM ET Snapchat $…
$BA $TSLA Two names bucking the trend on hiring and building things. Cheers to American manufacturing! https://t.co/3CLgbdlbj7
$AMZN If earnings were not immediately looming this would be a great buy point.
$COST Another shocker. lol https://t.co/LmJuRbeQO9
$DKNG ~ 3% of staff. https://t.co/StC1eHXC0u
$TSLA After a great run I can't tell you what 'valuation' metric caused it to pause but I did say expect some pull back. Previous support levels gave you the level. Now we have a level for reference. Look left for clues to the right. https://t.co/oozsB5RClD
$AMZN https://t.co/fHs5i69fqW
$GM https://t.co/k6pyf3LrLw
$TSLA In this down trend I quickly counted 19 decent daily gaps. 17 of them have been filled. Two of the most recent ones remain. Will this time be different? https://t.co/tdNyMVRR6Z
RT @EquityInformer: Winner $RDFN Redfin Corporation $7.885 +5.41% mentioned by @AreteTrading 5 days ago @Pharmdca 5 days ago @JoTrader4…
$CRWD Those who follow know I am not a predictor but a reactor. That being said there is a nice gap to fill above here and MA's starting to do some good things. ER long ways off. https://t.co/hFzq7uUypl
$META Did they talk about the Metaverse? Just curious.
$TWTR https://t.co/mcJhNbzkv2
$MCD Big Mac kinda morning coming on ER. Clear wedge and convergence of MA's. ER reaction will give direction now. https://t.co/FqlWC5wn3y
$BA Been on a hiring spree and will continue as they make cuts in less 'productive' areas. Focus is on engineering/manufacturer. Airlines orders are up and contracts from gov rolling in also. Break out of this consolidation could led to some good uptick. https://t.co/Lk3hittBxz
$PLTR Seeing some bull flow on the tape
$AMZN Hard at work filling shorter time frame gaps like clockwork. New one created today. https://t.co/t95RcsoZYy
$SPY Are you still waiting for someone to label the market a bull or a bear? We are almost 17% up off the floor and thru trend. Execute setups and manage risk, forget about labels. https://t.co/T8IHDgWb89
Having a look at the moves on these names we mentioned today $COIN 12.35% $SHOP 2.01% $SNOW 5.61% $RBLX 2.77% $SE 6.98% $PLTR 5.4% $RDFN 15.91% $DKNG 9.94% Whats more imp than the % move is their positioning now. Watch that 200MA https://t.co/oOzJiSlY6O
$RIVN Congrats on not calling in a "price war" like so many. A price war is really a margin war and if that happens in earnest we are aware of all the EV makers margins. https://t.co/6xG8pV7RHf
The coldest take on the internet regarding $F price cuts announcement. 🤣🤦‍♀️ "People forget Ford still has profit from ICE vehicles to keep the ball rolling. Tesla.. not so much" #margin
$TSLA Well some lower showed up. Now when is low low enough? Wait for a proper setup/entry. Despite its volatility it does not trade willy nilly and often reacts at support/resistance levels. https://t.co/ybdcCZ97PT
Lithium has pulled back some but in general if u have not hedged your COGS in volume and price you r in no position to be in an 'EV price war'. Its fun for media to hype it up tho. Two strategies being deployed here, one by $VWAGY and one by $F. Neither is a pleasant solution. https://t.co/SSftJXYzwa
$AMZN $UPS https://t.co/yuiPRq32TD
$BA $AMZN https://t.co/8rX3l41s7r
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