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RT @TheTranscript_: $MSCI https://t.co/alnOgZz4S5
RT @JerryCap: "Lumine at 20% premium to $CSU = 25x CY23 EV/EBITDA; $19.25/share. Lumine in line with $CSU at 21x CY23 EV/EBITDA = C$16.00/…
RT @WTCM3: JPM on EV risk to $AZO $ORLY $AAP $GPC: "this portends tobacco-like pricing power in the ICE automotive market" https://t.co/FSy…
$MQ legit gonna zero
Multicloud $AMZN $GOOG $MSFT https://t.co/xmYctlyE8p
If you're wondering why $SHW doing so poorly. Short thesis running around the DMs. https://t.co/XbjnHZzPVo
$SQ really is the next Amex complete with its own take on the salad oil scandal.
Best comp for $MSFT is $NVDA
STR; Index like business at $CSGP https://t.co/ZZ9oYj1IAs
RT @FundasyInvestor: $EVO Another tally on Evolution's moat. Being able to operate near perfect, growing 30-40% per year Would be tough fo…
$NVDA now a consensus short on here https://t.co/CBeczwe647
RT @TheWinklerGroup: $FOUR CEO @rookisaacman pledges 5 million additional shares as collateral for margin loan...bringing total pledged to…
"Panera Bread announced that it is rolling out $AMZN One pay-by-palm capabilities in its stores."
$ADSK 🚩 “ultimately by connecting AEC, manufacturing and meeting entertainment, we can optimize the interplay between the physical world and various metaverses further transforming our customers' workflows.”
Stop the Steal! "GPT-4 is coming to $MSFT Nuance DAX medical note-taking app, which is used by many doctors" - @bradsling
Open letter to Shareholders of $ILMN from Carl Icahn "value destruction a direct result of a series of ill-advised (and frankly inexplicable) actions taken by the board of directors in connection with the acquisition of GRAIL" https://t.co/DtNDxojPkW
RT @DynamicMoats: $SHOP "AMZN is working on a cart solution, which could be launched as early as June" https://t.co/iuoHmUxiRq
$AAPL "may be about to boost its already big push into original entertainment content by investing $1B annually into movies that will debut in theaters."
On prem vs Cloud Security $AMZN $MSFT $GOOG "I'm now seeing more hard questions coming from regulators about why we're not moving things to the cloud." https://t.co/JvR3SGG63F
$AMZN Other Bets "I’m underwriting $100 Bn aggregate losses in 2023-2030 period in “Other Bets”. If we go back to 2017, I’m estimating Amazon to burn $190 Bn losses in “Other Bets” in 2017-2030 period." - @borrowed_ideas https://t.co/vQRhfOqWmw https://t.co/Mm3TecQPq0
52 week low for $WFC
"In its previous 15+ years as a public company, $TDG had bought back less than $800m of stock in total. In Q2 and Q3 of FY 22, they bought back $912 million at an average price of $612.13" https://t.co/subFHdxx3L
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