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$PACW big fades there.
The $WAL's are caving in cc: $FRC $PACW https://t.co/umSMpHQo5a
$SCHW and $BAC steady melt down today
$SQ thought process and key levels so far πŸ‘‡ It's going to be crazy tug of war off open given the option dealers. https://t.co/mB7tHTV9Wr
Works every time $AI beautiful fade. https://t.co/XHeOlT0m7Z
And $ONON and on and on and on nHODs https://t.co/zaE61Cdk0y
It just keeps going on and on an $ONON and on.
And here they go $DPST $KRE $KBE (Not $KPE) https://t.co/1CoJOdOF3p
$BBIO holy hell that was nuts. Remember 8,823,530 shares just priced at $17 so over that was likely a gift.
$NOTE fresh lows 08:04:36 am InvestorsLive: NOTE can retrace all of yesterdays move imo
Holy $BTC
Nice trap on the recent $DUO swing from earlier in week
$CDTX $1.13s https://t.co/DaezCoKNQu
$DPST $KRE $KPE is a good way to get basket exposure without the single name risk when a trade sets up like that. https://t.co/lGjVnwjA0R
Focus on 8:50AM broadcast = $MARA $RIOT then we got a nice opportunity on $ETNB https://t.co/5lXNcK8SXw
$FRC 12 bottles of beer on the wall, 12 bottles of beer. Take one down and pass it around, 11 bottles of beer on the wall @elkwood66
Check this out @Qullamaggie I am leaving early, wrote it and then the bids just came out of $SPY .. algos are front running departure times. 01:06:03 pm InvestorsLive: Going to be leaving in about 40 minutes so trading with that in mind.
$FRC red
RT @DayRanger: $RBLX has been on the IU pre market scanner all morning, and now i know it's due to strong yipit data, which reported on $NF…
I regret every $SQ sell πŸ€¦β€β™‚οΈ https://t.co/1LguOGNYWL
$CDTX 1.3x's βœ…οΈ https://t.co/L9wuYc7AsJ
I don't want to hear that you didn't know I even tweeted it Even @Qullamaggie thought this time would be different You're welcome By the way $RIOT $MARA $AI $COIN πŸ‘Œ https://t.co/pCcL18Ffki
$BOXD wild move - hopefully brings back some sub .50 to 1.00 names those were fun. Been a while since circuit to circuit off open action.
$SQ Block's Response to Inaccurate Short Seller Report
$NOTE fresh lows Move started at $1.35 fwiw What a clean unwind! https://t.co/0wbQfuB6qu
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