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Founder: https://TheClosingPrint.com - Architect, Father, Family Man, Ichimoku Disciple, Swing, Day, Position trader. Equities, Options since Dec 1987.

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Most engaging posts mentioning stocks from @Couzin_Vinny over the last 72 hours.
$SPY $SPX 7.2 billion to buy be like HO REE SHEET! https://t.co/PSHn5er1A1
$AMD #boomshakalaka https://t.co/yP0kSYzpY2
$META EPS Wednesday - can't wait $AZMN $AAPL $GOOGL Thursday - maybe a $QQQ ATM straddle? $SPX https://t.co/CXQilutGXl @MarketSmith @IBDinvestors @InvestorsBusinessDaily #Ibdpartner https://t.co/X28LztT2C7
$WCC $ASO https://t.co/Q7HCg94z5y @marketsmith @IBDinvestors @InvestorsBusinessdaily #Ibdpartner
$BA good news out of China https://t.co/EwQYHTEj5q "BA news before the bell “Second Chinese carrier resumed 737 MAX operation n China” company also hiring 10,000 staff to produce recent contracted products like the $UAL purchase of 100 planes https://t.co/bib1o0bKrb
$AMD trading 21x last 5year EPS - earnings growth of 96% jee-zeus - that said today its above the 200d first time since March 2022 - stays up there for a few days I'm interested @MarketSmith caveat waiting till after the FE... https://t.co/3lHB0hqEKx https://t.co/L1okutvzhr
$META waiting for earnings - either it gets above 200d or fails. thats my buy sell decision https://t.co/Oenergpiaa
$TSLA 60min #kumo https://t.co/yjNiWvRd35
$TNX $SPX #REMEMBER 3mo and 6mo bill auction last week we saw a good BID and 0DTE options calls in particular surged higher at 11:30AM https://t.co/5KtKYVVTij
$SPX to be clear it will take a few days to reassess how to interpret post-FED price action - therefore no freaking out - that said yield spreads continue to tighten - 10 year yield spread when dropping is “generally” consi... https://t.co/AaUBh95j21 https://t.co/RaEqY1OivR
$SPY 25 min to go..... taking more off into strength https://t.co/o1p7SiEmhb
$SCHW Schwab Street Smart Edge https://t.co/Y6xALdtnv7
$TSLA #ichimoku trend chart #kumo_breakout https://t.co/eF2F5mAPFm
$TSM $SOXL shaking my head - nice trade https://t.co/rHoztEvl91
$META next to $TSLA everyone has a strong opinion. Can't wait for META earnings - potential move above the 200d this week. Trend continuation? https://t.co/QNOggs9R8M @marketsmith @IBDinvestors @InvestorsBusinessdaily #Ibdpartner https://t.co/aI1KqsR7Uu
And mentioning you in the lIVE broadcast today https://t.co/xLrMzKxonf Love that $SPOT is ABOVE 200d https://t.co/HrDarwIvRS
$ASO "stocks breaking out scan" Academy Sports trading at a discount to Operating earnings and free cash flow @marketsmith @IBDinvestors #Ibdpartner https://t.co/QNOggsaoYk https://t.co/v5gPZuLeEN
CEO talking this morning as well - partnerships with $LAC and $LTHM https://t.co/Xj4JHRAqaG
$ATKR +11% today- Monday #Blog_Post "Stocks Breaking Out" https://t.co/Q7HCg94z5y @marketsmith @IBDinvestors #Ibdpartner https://t.co/QNOggs9R8M https://t.co/aQr75LQODj
$SPY on a buy signal from the opening bell 9:35AM trailing stop still rising with price 405 is supply https://t.co/f8JAhA9Gk1
$LAC $GM CEO mentioned by name on Bloomberg this AM "the catalyst" #RVOL 10x - Price above a bullish #VWAP as taught by @smbcapital 's Mike Bellafiore - watch his videos on Youtube https://t.co/AoOLmw8qQG
$SPX Note the long term “monthly” trend - pivots 2009 and 2020 and 2022 - caveat "earnings and the FED" https://t.co/q5JgBZpBWX
$SPX $SPY $AAPL $BA $AMD $TSM $META took alot of risk off and profits into strength - reassess FED move tomorrow
$SPX we took a lot off today into the ramp - that said breadth might push a bit higher before retreating. Reassess FED move tomorrow and Friday. https://t.co/2qEIzrmjCX
$SOXL #boomshakalaka thx #JPOW ETXREME HIGH TICK https://t.co/hn6770Jyk8
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