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Founder: https://TheClosingPrint.com - Architect, Father, Family Man, Ichimoku Disciple, Swing, Day, Position trader. Equities, Options since Dec 1987.

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$NVDA no position - interested only "after" earnings / guidance. 50% retrace near 610 (+/-) maybe a trade on $QQQ $SMH $SOXL @marketsurge #ibdpartner @IBDinvestors MarketSurge https://t.co/fwEaufOJgI https://t.co/2dimMsooDQ
$TSLA #surging higher - looking at the 200 "call wall" short-term target @MarketSurge @IBDinvestors #IBDpartner MarketSurge https://t.co/fwEaufObra https://t.co/PqOFjkjzCZ
$EQT $LNG $RRC - breaking downtrends - looking at the whole group after this #natgas 4 year low starts to catch a bid. #Probabilities - thinking months FWIW not a day trade. $UNG $BOIL https://t.co/o5WrQ94ATa
$EQT and many #natgas plays are breaking downtrends. Look at $EQT 2025 #EPS !! in left panel. $CNX $RRC $SWN @MarketSurge @IBDinvestors #IBDpartner MarketSurge https://t.co/fwEaufObra https://t.co/yQmRQs8Nwg
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