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I read a crystal ball to predict tech stocks. Free newsletter http://beth.technology. Premium analysis: http://research.beth.technology Contributor: Forbes, MarketWatch, Fox

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RT @Beth_Kindig: Lots of commentary on how bad the $INTC report was that questions Intel's mgmt. Anyone who follows Lisa Su and $AMD closel…
Big Tech revenue growth estimates this week: $AAPL: -1.53% $AMZN: 6.03%, $META: -5.91% $GOOGL: 1.54%. The caveat is that many are expected to rebound in or around Q3 this year. What’s most important is that H2 estimates don’t change from the upcoming earnings reports. https://t.co/Gs6SJvOvez
Next month $COIN reports Q4 results along with $HOOD and $SQ. Currently their forward P/S ratio is well below their highs. With #bitcoin bouncing back management may have optimistic outlooks on their calls as crypto investors come back to their platforms. https://t.co/1lGWL6HCjW
Big week for earnings with $AMZN $AAPL $GOOGL and $META reporting today and tomorrow. These Big Tech stocks make up 13.24% of the $SPX. EPS growth est. are expected to decline YOY. Look for Big Tech Pre-Earnings to hit inboxes this morning for our free newsletter subscribers. https://t.co/Q9mvzwYQZ6
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