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I'm a 46 year old private trader using proprietary technical analysis w/+20yrs experience of investing in stock markets. Do your own research. Tweets not advice

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$GME new intraday high !!
$HOOD breaks abv yest high
$CGC strong into the close
$LAES $WKEY SEALSQ Enhances Security Of Electric Vehicle Charging Stations Through A Comprehensive Cybersecurity Solution Developed In Collaboration With WISeKey https://t.co/6LoBK0O49z
$GME pulling back in PM on very low volume. On watchg for a Red to green type-move on regular trading. Shorts are playing with fire imho
$GME red to green type-move
$IWM Small cap futures are very strong this morning while the others are red. The theme today = small caps
$AMD Never short a cult stock lol ... nice breakout today... setting up to test Jun highs https://t.co/FM3gChFkc9
$LLAP back over $1 Yes sir !!!! If they drop the Rivada payment news, this baby could fly.... long term holding for me.
$GSIT here is the technical daily chart. Strong money flow yesterday, so im using the pullback to take some for a swing trade. https://t.co/Jb6R1vwsJR
Here comes the squeeze $GME 😁
$BNOX worth watching going forward. Chart looks primed for a trend reversal. Demand zone https://t.co/Z2yiXmATAX
$UCAR Monster volume in the last minute
Dont forget $LAES is tied to $WKEY
$BNOX added for a swing trade. MACD triggered a new buy signal. PV1 1.49 followed by PV2 2.09 EMA50 https://t.co/09luPwi8N1
$GME breaks abv $16
$GME bouncy
$XRP.X Breaking out #Ripple
$SAVA what a beauty !!
$GME big push on volume
$CVNA Bullish setup. Next pivot 42.12 https://t.co/XAUkBg3Ug4
$EBIX back over $5 Trade idea still working.
$GME Hod hod hod
$MLGO unreal !!!
$SAVA nice action this morning.
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