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I'm a 46 year old private trader using proprietary technical analysis w/+20yrs experience of investing in stock markets. Do your own research. Tweets not advice

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$BBIG on the move
$MULN my opinion remains intact. From a technical standpoint, the short-term action in this stock is bullish. Some serious upside volume. https://t.co/04WqVFyEhj
$WISH Wish Introduces Flat Rate Shipping to Customers in the U.S.
$KAL In an additional effort to accelerate bringing Kalera to cash flow positive, the Company continues the process of divesting Vindara, its seed genetics business and expects to close prior to the end of Q1 2023 via @Benzinga
$LCID on the move
$SPX $SPY Fed Raises Key Overnight Interest Rate By 25 bps
$DOGE.X Scientists discover a formation on Mars resembling a bear 🐻 ? Really ? For me it looks like a #dogecoin draw βœοΈπŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ @elonmusk ? https://t.co/6gtTeCwDJ1
$PIXY updated chart. Still liking. https://t.co/LIG7FZgW9N
$HLBZ Helbiz Incorporates ChatGPT, OpenAI Technology
$NUWE off $WISA another name with just 500K shares float
$HLBZ Wheels, part of Helbiz, Launches Second Preorder for the Wheels One
$DBGI awake ....
$CVNA squeeze is ON
$MGOL Have we found the bottom Messi ? Interesting positive divergences on RSI, MACD and MFI. Watch closely the 2.43 area. https://t.co/IcH8Hw9CAB
$KAL worth watching going forward. Float 750K shares https://t.co/qtYKU4sT0o
$CVNA oh boy, the squeeze continues in AHs
$JAGX Jaguar Health Engages Shareholder Intelligence Services, LLC (ShareIntel) to Monitor Trading Activity in Effort to Identify Possible Illegal Short Selling
$WKEY WISeKey Launches eTreeNFT com Connecting Trees, NFTs and Crypto on a Unique Opportunity for Creating New and Totally Sustainable Asset-Based Markets for Sequestering CO2
$FAZE ok, thanks for the cheap shares. Loading up
$IMPP big buy blocks detected https://t.co/NH2xP6kdam
$LCID basing on 5m chart. Watch the break of 13.52 for continuation. https://t.co/vmz7gBENoy
$PIXY another tiny float play on watch. Key momentum indicators are turning up https://t.co/XeIVvdfqAK
$JAGX Jaguar Health Engages Former FDA Gastroenterology Division Deputy Director Andrew Mulberg, M.D. to Bolster Company's Regulatory Expertise
$OBLG another low float name exploding higher this morning. $NUWE $WISA $PIXY on my fireworks list. Patience is key
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